Saturday, September 25, 2021
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National Tiger Conservation Authority

Female cub of tigress Avni released into wild after two years

An expert committee supervised her entire rewilding experiment and as per its decision, a proposal was sent to the NTCA for her release, which was approved.

Foresters did not use cow as bait: Asifabad DFO

District Forest Officer Shantaram said that the cow was accidentally killed by the big cat when it was grazing in a dense forest

Asifabad: Marksman to be roped in to tranquilise killer tiger

Kumram Bheem-Asifabad: Forest Department officials in Kaghaznagar Division intensified efforts to capture the killer tiger in the wake of loss of two human lives...

Tiger population growing at 6 per cent annually: Centre

NTCA, a statutory body of the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, stated that tigers have been brought back from the brink to an assured path of recovery

Bandipur tiger that killed two, captured

Conservator of Forests, Bandipur Tiger Reserve T Balachandra told Telangana Today on phone that the captured tiger was a male and was aged around five years.

Poaching, encroachment still big threats for Tigers in Telangana

While the increase in tiger population is good news for the State, the sustainability of the big cat population is expected to remain a challenge

Over 9000 arrested for wildlife poaching between 2012-2018: Env Min

Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar was responding to a query in the Lower House on the number of people apprehended in poaching cases.

Baby feeding centre opens at Hyderabad Zoo

The facility is unique one provided for the mothers to feed their babies during their visit to zoo and such a facility was available in only couple of zoos in the country,

Avni killing: Action sought against city hunter

Maharashtra government panel recommends strong action against Asghar Ali Khan under the Wildlife Protection Act

Spate in tiger poaching in erstwhile Adilabad raises eyebrows

National Tiger Conservation Authority to send official to TS after tiger skin seized again from Mandamarri town

Tom-tomming of tiger location has NTCA scratching its head

Sources in NTCA told Telangana Today that it is against NTCA protocol to reveal the presence of tigers in specific locations and the Authority was surprised to see media reports announcing the arrival of a male tiger in Kawal Tiger Reserve last month.

Vigil to be increased against illegal electric fences, snares

Setting up of two Special Tiger Protection Force companies suggested

Avni killing: Asghar violated Arms Act, says NTCA

He failed to produce his own all-India weapon licence which he claimed to possess

Avni Killing: New revelations indicate violation of SC orders

It may be recalled that among the various methods used to track Avni by Shafat Ali Khan and his team were two motorized hang gliders to track the tigress from the air.

Order probe into killing of tigress if you want: Maha Forest minister

She was shot dead by sharp-shooter Asgar Ali in the Borati forest in Maharashtra's Yavatmal district Friday as part of an operation

Vets shoot holes in official story

None of the steps prescribed by National Tiger Conservation Authority have been followed in allowing a ‘team

K4 apparently becomes camera shy

K4, which killed a cow which was discovered on Thursday, has also avoided returning to feed on the animal.

K4: NTCA team to have final say

Hyderabad: With National Tiger Conservation Authority protocols with regard to injured wild tigers looming over it, the State Forest Department decided that no private...

Vets differ with Forest Department over K4’s safety

Wasif Jamshed said that he was of the opinion that the images of the healing wound from the snare and the pugmarks he saw indicated that K4 did not have any difficulty in walking.

NTCA asks TS to explain K4’s plight

NTCA seeks details on condition of the tigress from State Forest Dept officials

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