Friday, September 17, 2021
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Mona Lisa

Is there a hidden drawing beneath ‘Mona Lisa’?

Scholars suggested that Leonardo worked on the painting throughout his life, adding details as his artistic philosophy developed.

Now you can ‘deepfake’ Elon Musk in zoom

Programmer Ali Aliev demonstrated this deepfake technique by using the code to superimpose Elon Musk’s face onto his during a Zoom meeting

Art of the impossible

Juxtaposing ‘Us’ with the incongruous ‘Other’ in the same frame tells us more about world’s iniquities than any Amnesty report

Rubik’s Cube “Mona Lisa” goes on sale in Paris

It is the first of a series of works in which the artist has recreated some of the great paintings of art history in Rubik's Cubes. 

This artist reimagines icons as modern influencers

Freddie Mercury to Frida Kahlo are some of the personalities who inspired this Instagrammer's feed

Mona Lisa’s smile may not be genuine

Researchers set out to investigate the truth of the famed lady's expression using neuroscientific principles 

Renaissance Man

There is more to Leonardo da Vinci, who died 500 years ago on  May 2, 1519, than just arts -- arguably his biggest USP even today -- if one were to play on his obsessive interest in optics, perspective and visualisation.

As dramatic as movies

Whether it’s a large-scale theft with perfect precision or an implementation of a plan in the simplest way possible, these following crimes have the entertaining touch of heist magic

Niloufer, the beguiling princess of Hyderabad

Remembering the effervescent woman who not only fascinated people with her beauty but also her considerate nature.

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