Wednesday, July 28, 2021
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23 dead in Islamist attacks on two Somalian bases

"Al-Shabaab attackers carried out a complex attack on two military bases in Lower Shabelle province this morning," government spokesman Ismael Mukhtar said here.

Somalians stranded in Hyderabad repatriated from RGIA

A relief charter flight of Daallo Airlines landed from Mogadishu (Somalia) via Muscat as a ferry flight on Saturday at 9.30 am and departed two hours later with the 128 passengers to Somalia via Muscat.

Car bomb leaves over 76 dead in Mogadishu: Police, witnesses

The group was forced out of the Somali capital in 2011 but still controls parts of the countryside and has also staged attacks in neighbouring Kenya.

50 killed in Somalia inter-clan clashes

The Somali government and the parliament on Wednesday called for an immediate end to the fighting that has resulted in the loss of innocent lives, urging both sides to pursue dialogue to resolve their disputes.

17 cops killed, 20 injured in suicide bombing at Somalian police academy

The Somalia-based al-Shabab extremist group quickly claimed responsibility for the attack.

Two killed, 8 wounded after car bomb explosion near Mogadishu hotel

Mogadishu: A suicide car bomb exploded outside a popular hotel in Somalia's capital on Saturday, killing at least two people and wounding more than eight,...

Death toll from ‘Somalia’s deadliest attack ever’ rises to 276

"Somalia Federal government confirmed that 276 people were killed in the blast... and 300 wounded were admitted at the different hospitals in Mogadishu," the country's ministry of information said.

Death toll from deadliest blast in Somalia’s capital rises to 189

"In our 10 year experience in Mogadishu, we haven't seen anything like this," the Aamin Ambulance service tweeted.

Huge truck bomb kills 53 in Somalia; government blames Al Shabab

Somalia's Information Minister, Abdirahman Omar, said the blast was the largest the city of Mogadishu had ever seen.

Car bomb kills seven at Mogadishu restaurant: official

Mogadishu: At least seven people were killed and 10 wounded on Wednesday when a car bomb exploded at a restaurant near the Somali ministry...

Blast in Somalia kills 15 in Mogadishu marketplace

Mogadishu: A Somali police officer says a blast at a busy market in the western part of Somalia's capital killed at least 15 people. Capt. Mohamed...

28 killed in Shabaab attack on Mogadishu hotel: emergency services

"The number of casualties we have recorded today is 28 dead and 43 wounded," said Dr Abukadir Abdirahman Adem, head of the ambulance service.

Gunmen storm hotel in Somali capital after car bomb

Heavy gunfire could still be heard inside the hotel, Hussein said. He had no immediate information about casualties.

Suicide bomber sets off blast in Somalia capital

Suicide bomber detonated in the Somalian capital near the presidential palace, after a high speed police chase.

Suicide bombing kills 16 in Somalia’s capital

The attack comes as Somalia is in the process of electing a new government with the much-delayed presidential vote due on December 28.

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