Thursday, September 23, 2021
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Moazzam Jahi market

Hyderabad’s historic Bachelors’ Quarters gets fresh lease of life

The restoration took about Rs.1 crore, with Arvind Kumar lauding the people’s involvement.

Restoration of Moazzam Jahi Market gate draws praise

The development had netizens praising the government for taking up the restoration, with many pointing out the sight is a really majestic one

Hyderabad: Musical night at Moazzam Jahi Market on March 7

The event will feature Vibha Hegde, a talented Hindustani vocalist along with Arnab Bhattacharya on Sarod. Poorva Guru will perform Sufi and Ghazals at the same event.

‘Shaam-e-Sufiana’ Qawwali by Warsi Brothers held in Hyderabad

The Qawwali attracted a sizeable crowd to the historic market

Qawwali by Warsi Brothers in Hyderabad on Republic Day

Hyderabad: On the occasion of Republic Day, a 'Shaam-e-Sufiana' programme featuring Qawwali by Warsi Brothers is being organised at Moazzam Jahi Market on January...

Hyderabad: Shaam-e-Suffiana by Warsi Brothers to be organised on Jan 25

The restoration works at Moazzam Jahi Market and its premises have recently been completed by the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC).

Bringing performers to city

A year of gloom lit up by live theatre

Hyderabad: Refurbished MJ Market to be opened on Aug 15

The heritage structure has now been restored with new flooring and architectural lights

Hyderabad CP Anjani Kumar visits Jambagh fruit market

Hyderabad: Hyderabad Police Commissioner Anjani Kumar on Tuesday inspected the Jambagh Market located at Moazzam Jahi Market and asked officials to take steps to ensure...

Moazzam Jahi market gets ‘Lit’

The heritage landmark is once again hopping with people courtesy its newest facade lighting

Traffic diversions in Hyderabad for Sikh procession on Tuesday

Hyderabad: Hyderabad Traffic police have issued an advisory to regulate the flow of traffic during a procession to mark the birthday celebrations of Guru...

Hyderabad’s clock towers set to tick

Works on Shalibanda clock tower almost completed, restoration of Sultan Bazar tower to take off

Rains in Hyderabad catch festive shoppers off guard

The city markets were a beehive of activity when rains started to lash forcing the shoppers to rush for cover.

MJ Market restoration works at brisk pace

Hyderabad: The restoration works taken up at Moazzam Jahi Market have been progressing at brisk pace. Sharing the progress of works, Municipal Administration and...

Skyrocketing fruit prices make pocket pinch in Hyderabad

Fruits have always been an integral part of Ramzan menu at homes, offices, iftar parties and mosques more so for its nutritional value.

Telangana: Crescent moon not spotted, Ramzan from Tuesday

Led by Maulana Qubool Pasha Shuttari, members of the committee scouted the sky, unsuccessfully, to sight the moon from atop the Hussaini Building at Moazzam Jahi Market.

Police seize Rs 38 lakh in Hyderabad

Sadanand, Sub-Inspector at Goshamahal and his team during a vehicle checking intercepted a cab bearing number TS 07 UF 2516 and caught two passengers who were found to be carrying Rs 38 lakh.

The Last Nizam who put Hyderabad on global map

In 1937, the Time magazine had him on the cover page as the world’s richest man and the fifth richest man in history, with a total wealth of $2 billion at the time.

Hyderabad: MJ Market will be a tourist attraction soon

Plan is to develop it in an European way with lots of eateries and heritage furniture in the open for seating

Clock towers to tick again

Aravind Kumar inspects clock towers and instructs civic body to take steps to restore them

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