Monday, September 20, 2021
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Preventing emerging diseases best

Microorganisms will continue to outgrow available medicines unless we can slow the advancement of antimicrobial resistance

Even animals benefit from social distancing to prevent disease

The study, published in the journal Animal Behaviour, observed monkeys in the wild to understand what role genetics, diet, social groupings and distance in a social network play when it comes to the microbes found inside an animal's gut.

Hyderabad-based scientist builds sanitising device

According to 26-year-old Patel, the device will emit a powerful oxidizer that will reduce the formation of infectious microorganisms and Coronavirus on the surfaces.

Vaping may up oral infections and inflammation risk

While vaping has quickly grown in popularity in recent years, a growing number of people are falling ill or dying from vaping-related illnesses, the study said.

IIT-H develops oil-based drug delivery system to fight fungal infections

The new medication can even counter fungi that have developed resistance to conventional antifungal drugs  

Turn your leftovers into sources of energy

Researchers suggest edible waste may help cut fossil fuel use

Don’t go overboard with hygiene

A study finds excessive cleanliness can cause antibiotic resistance

Here’s how to avoid infections in this damp weather

Uma Singh, medical consultant at Ozone Group, Gowri Kulkarni, head of medical operations, DocsApp and Shailja Mittal, creative head at Zapyle, have listed ways to avoid eye problems:

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