Monday, September 20, 2021
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Even animals benefit from social distancing to prevent disease

The study, published in the journal Animal Behaviour, observed monkeys in the wild to understand what role genetics, diet, social groupings and distance in a social network play when it comes to the microbes found inside an animal's gut.

ISS astronauts grow Earth-like fresh lettuce in space

This feat was achieved despite being grown under lower gravity and more intense radiation than on Earth.

IIT-G’s paper sensor can assesses quality of milk in minutes

The quality and freshness of milk are decided by the invasion and presence of microbes in the milk, the researchers explained in the study published in the journal Biosensors, and Bioelectronics.

Viruses found in kitchen sponges may eat bacteria: Study

A kitchen sponge is exposed to all kinds of different microbes, thus forming a vast microbiome of bacteria and providing rich food sources for phages.

IIT Mandi’s self-cleaning glass can purify water using sunlight

Waste water from pharmaceutical and textile industries are a major source of river pollution in India and abroad.

Know all about the Tardigrade, the tiny but nearly immortal species

Also known as the water bears, these creatures can survive extreme conditions

Printed bacteria to create solar cells

Unlike conventional solar cells that operate only when exposed to light, cyanobacteria can generate an electric current both in the dark and in light.

Migraine linked to microbes in your mouths

In the tests conducted by the research team the oral samples were tested from the participants, the genes were significantly more abundant in migraine sufferers.

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