Sunday, October 17, 2021
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mental stress

Chhattisgarh launches stress-buster Spandan campaign for police   

The move comes after the state reported over 50 cases of suicide by police personnel, and a number of incidents of policemen attacking their colleagues in the last two years.

‘Sahayam’ in OU provides COVID-19 free mental health tele-counseling

Sahayam, In-charge, Director, Prof. C. Beena said that a team of 15 psychology experts is ready to render tele-counseling services through proactive strategies to minimize the impact of psychological stress

Researchers find spending time in nature reduces stress

"While there is a lot of literature on longer outdoor programs, we wanted to quantify doses in minutes, not days."

What causes a nagging backache

Experts show you what might be causing that piercing pain

Heartfelt care for the heart

Mental stress has more implications of cardiac diseases in women than in men

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