Monday, September 20, 2021
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Safe to vaccinate during, before or after menstruation

There is no scientific data available to prove the fact that it can change your menstruation cycle.

Tisca turns author with new book

The actor hopes to normalize conversations around menstruation

Women can take Covid jabs during menstruation: Centre

A social media post, being circulated widely, said that women should not take Covid-19 vaccines five days before and after their period cycle as their immunity is very less during the time

Hatke stories a click away

Hyderabad-based startup Hatke Story strives to tell these untold stories, some of which are just restricted to conversations between friends.

Period Leaves: Decide in time-bound manner, HC tells authorities

The petition filed by Delhi Labour Union, through advocate Rajiv Agarwal, sought direction to the Centre and Delhi government to grant paid leaves for four days a month to all classes of women employees

No longer spoken in whispers

Varun Narula and Ishit Garg seek to dispel myths and taboos around menstruation with their cost-effective hygiene products

Study links early menstruation with increased menopause symptoms

According to recent research, early menstruation increases the likelihood of hot flushes and nights sweats decades later at menopause.

Pallavi Joshi-starrer short film explores issue of menopause

"We are also doing a campaign around the survey on women dealing with menopause in the current scenario of the pandemic."

Bhuj college’s ‘strip’ order prompts woman panels to seek action

The Gujarat State Women Commission (GSWC) has also ordered the state police to carry out a probe regarding the alleged sexual harassment of students.

Menstrual hygiene is no hush hush talk

Entrepreneurs work to make napkins affordable, disposal right

Gravity’s effect on female form

There is a reason weight training is a superior form of exercise

Is it good to delay your periods?

Except for a few one-off incidences, it's not wise to postpone menses as it may lead to side-effects

Making evens out of odds in life

Sailaja Vissamsetti walks a different path towards bringing about a change in the society through her NGO Sahaja Foundation

Celebrating menstruation

Odisha celebrates the monthly cycle of Goddess Bhudevi in a three-day long festival

Late puberty linked to risk of dementia

Women whose monthly cycles were delayed have a high chance of dealing with memory troubles

Late puberty linked to risk of dementia

The findings showed that women who had their first menstrual cycle at age 16 or older had a 23 per cent greater risk of dementia than women who had their first menstrual cycle at age 13.

The Period Hub, a one-stop shop to beat menstrual woes

The Period Hub incubated by We-Hub provides products in hygiene, nutrition and wellness

India shines at Oscars, ‘Period. End of Sentence’ wins Documentary Short Subject

India's moment at the Oscars comes exactly a decade after A R Rahman and sound engineer Resul Pookutty won the Academy awards for "Slumdog Millionaire" in 2009.

Anaemia Mukt Bharat organised at KIMS

Doctors said that anaemia is a condition in which the number of Red Blood cells (or) their oxygen carrying capacity is insufficient to meet physiological needs

When body becomes a work of art

Performance artists utilise their own body and involve the audience in a major way to drive home a message

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