Wednesday, October 27, 2021
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Vladimir Putin’s new legislation gives rise to several memes

He first became the President of Russia in 1999 and since then, has served three six-year terms as the President.

Budget triggers memes nonstop

Just as expected, the internet unleashed its fury at the way the middle class seemed to have been ignored in the budget and made memes taking out references from popular media.

Bernie Sanders triggers meme wave in Hyderabad with inaugural attire

The longest serving independent politician in United States’ history attended the US Presidential inauguration, eschewing the usual formal suit for a heavy winter jacket and patterned, hand-made mittens.

Twitter in splits as Musk confirms Tesla’s entry in India

Breaking his silence after the news broke that Tesla has finally entered India by registering it as a company in Bengaluru, Musk said he is on the way to fulfil his promise to let electric cars run on the roads of the country.

Pankaj on memes on him: Some of these are actually good

The actor continues to enjoys immense popularity among the audience and has a rapidly growing fan base. It adds up to his sense of responsibility, he reveals.

Twitter shares history of custom Indian emojis on International Internet Day

On International Internet Day 2020 Twitter celebrates by mapping the history of all of the custom emojis it has introduced over five years in India.

Telugu girl makes relatable memes

Hyderabad-based Yoga Nanditha is behind all the wise words you read on cardboard placards on The Telugu Pilla's Instagram page

Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s new looks leaves twitterati in splits

A screen grab was taken from Dhoni wife Sakshi’s instragram video where the captain of Chennai Super Kings was seen playing with his daughter Ziva.

Elon Musk’s new son is reportedly named X Æ A-12

He recently announced the birth of his son with girlfriend Grimes on Twitter.

Now Artificial Intelligence can compose a song on its own

OpenAI, a San Francisco-based research laboratory on Thursday unveiled Jukebox, a state-of-the-art neural network that can create music, lyrics and also vocals

Humour in the time of Corona

A list is going viral on social media with names of songs to avoid listening and what all to listen.

Twitterati post memes, funny comments as #WW3 trends

After Pentagon confirmed that following an airstrike on the directions from President Donald Trump, Iranian General Qassem Soleimani had been killed near the Baghdad airport in Iraq, #worldwar3 trended with 52.7K tweets.

New tool to make Internet memes convenient for visually impaired people

In a new study researchers have developed a tool that will enable visually impaired people who find it difficult to understand memes, to enjoy...

Ajit Pawar’s resignation sparks memes, captions on Twitter

Hashtag AjitPawarResigns was trending with 1,830 tweets, with users quoting various media reports on the issue.

Memes on #WeMetOnTwitter set social media abuzz

The hashtag started with users on social media sharing stories of how they met their partners on Twitter.

Memes on #WeMetOnTwitter set social media abuzz

The hashtag started with users on social media sharing stories of how they met their partners on Twitter

Memes and caustic Cantonese: the language of Hong Kong’s protests

Police were filmed shouting "Reporter, your mother!" to journalists.

Best memes of all time

This month’s theme plays on the idea of remixing song lyrics based on misheard lyrics

An analysis through memes

Memes take over the recently released images of the black hole, Messier 87

When diet plans fail, yet again!

Well, you can always resort to humour when weight loss resolutions flops big time

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