Sunday, October 24, 2021
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Meditation can help healthcare professionals fight loneliness: Study

The study was conducted by Jayaram Thimmapuram, Robert Pargament, Theodore Bell and Holly Schurk of the WellSpan Hospital, Department of Internal Medicine, York, PA; and Divya K. Madhusudhan

Young Indians feel mental health issues can hit as early as their teenage years

More than half of young respondents associated depression with mental health, followed by stress and disturbed peace of mind

Meditation for happiness, peace goes up as one ages: Survey

The survey also revealed how meditation helps different age groups differently.

These seniors prove age is just a number

With no scope for meeting fellow members, senior citizen associations have turned to webinars and online shows to keep themselves entertained

Does your past life hold the key to your future?

Human-beings have made a deliberate attempt to extract some answers to their doubts behind creation and existence.

74 years later is wellness going back to the basics?

Old school workouts like walking, cycling, yoga, tai chi, meditation and classic body weight exercises are the new normal.

Snapchat launches in-app meditation experience

The new feature aims to provide Snapchatters with expert resources related to emotional and physical well-being, while offering daily meditations.

How to get started with meditation

Mindfulness meditation is somewhat similar to focus meditation, in that we look at our thoughts from an objective point of view, without judging them.

Cyberabad CP interacts with cops’ families

VC Sajjanar emphasised on the need to be mentally strong to combat Covid-19 infection and also enquired about the health conditions of the family members of the police personnel

Yoga to improve reproductive, sexual health

Yoga and mindfulness exercises like deep breathing helps in reducing the cortisol levels in our blood which is a marker for stress.

Adapting to the new normal

Here’s how an expert explains the ‘Power of Stress Management’ and how one can stay healthy and productive

Don’t let your 50s stop you from being fit and fabulous

A sedentary lifestyle may have a huge role to play in an individual facing health issues like diabetes, osteoporosis, arthritis, high blood pressure or high cholesterol, and more.

Yoga expert’s drive to build a healthy Mancherial

To his credit, Sukumar established the maiden yoga and naturopathy cure centre in Mancherial town in 2009

Sixth International Yoga Day observed in Mancherial

Dr Sukumar KN and Dr P Sameera, organisers of Mythri Yoga and Nature Cure Centre (MYNCC) of Mancherial conducted a special class of yoga, meditation and pranayama for practitioners belonging to the town and to present on social media platforms

Try these yoga apps at home to stay fit during lockdown

"Online videos and apps can be streamed on your phones or TV screens that give you a step-by-step guidance on different yoga poses."

How Mandalas keep you rooted

People with MS are psychologically vulnerable at this point. It is crucial to keep them engaged with activities that will not only calm their nerves but also keep depression at bay.

Happiness in the Himalayas

Former Ranji Trophy cricketer, Sathyaprasad Yachendra travelled to the Himalayas over 30 times for photography

Music a daily partner of people during crisis: Gaana CEO

In a recent study of listening patterns of over 150 million of its Indian users, the app has found that Indians are relying on music more than ever before in these tough times.

Mancherial: Free yoga classes help people stay fit, make best use of time

One can now access seamless yoga practice sessions being offered by Mythri Yoga and Nature Cure Centre of Mancherial town, on its Facebook page, twice daily for free

Yoga can improve sperm quality: CCMB study

A collaborative effort by the city-based Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB), Hyderabad, and All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi, has now shown that the traditional practice of Yoga has positive effects on sperm quality and these beneficial effects are correlated with epigenetic changes, DNA methylation, in the sperm.

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