Wednesday, September 22, 2021
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Guneet Monga and acknowledging world’s underlying goodness

The producer feels that keeping in mind the mood in face of the global pandemic, content creators understand that the same calls for more empathy and equality.

Uncertainty over Maharaja sale

With the aviation industry already caught in turbulence due to the impact of coronavirus pandemic, the NDA government’s ambitious plan on strategic divestment of...

Sultan Suleiman fancied for Mumbai feature

Mumbai: The A. Hussain-trained Sultan Suleiman looks set to make amends in the Maharaja of Morvi Trophy 1400 metres a terms for horses 3-years-old...

Finding a suitor for Maharaja

There is now a strong case for the government to divest 100% stake in Air India.

Not dwarfed by determination

The Chauhan family is a well-known name in the Old City as they are distinguished by their three-foot height

Dedicated to the Maratha Maharaja

People everywhere are logging on to Google Maps to witness a crop art portrait dedicated to one of India’s most substantial leaders

Chilkur head priest questions Rahul Gandhi’s stance on Kerala temple issue

Rangarajan said the Hindu community was worried about politicization, commercialization and exploitation of the temple system.

No suitors for Maharaja

The failure to attract suitors for Air India should prompt the government to go back to the drawing board to revise the terms of...

Makeover for Maharaja

Air India must not suffer due to political interference and a bureaucratic culture that seeks to perpetuate VIP privileges

Lure of the Pink city

M Venkat Satish is a chartered accountant by profession and an avid traveller, photographer and ardent reader.

Smriti Irani targets Shashi Tharoor for ‘maharaja’ remarks

Irani on Friday tweeted, "Did all the Maharajs (kings) kneel in front of the British? What will Jyotiraditya Scindia, Diggi Raja (Digvijaya Singh) and Amarinder Singh say on Shashi Tharoor's comments?"

Maharaja makeover

Air India, the perennially loss-making behemoth, is finally up for sale. The Union Cabinet’s approval for its disinvestment is a welcome move, fulfilling a...

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