Thursday, September 23, 2021
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Los Angeles

DJ Khaled releases new hip hop album ‘Khaled Khaled’


Scientists find 27K suspected barrels of toxic DDT on ocean floor near LA

The report said that a team from University of California San Diego's Scripps Institution of Oceanography used two deep-sea robots to map more than 36,000 acres (145.7 square kilometers)

Justin Bieber’s ‘jaw drops’ every time he sees wife Hailey

"I think he (Justin) loves it all. There's nothing I love more than when he walks in the room and his jaw drops or he compliments how incredible she looks," Reilly said in an interview with E! News.

Rachel Bilson: ‘The O.C.’ reboot would be awesome

The series originally ran between 2003 and 2007, and it also stars Peter Gallagher, Kelly Rowan, Ben McKenzie, Mischa Barton, Adam Brody, Chris Carmack, Tate Donovan and Autumn Reeser among others.

Dwayne Johnson never over-stresses body for a certain look on screen

We hold his conditioning in a very tight window to allow him to be ‘scene ready' at any moment. Keeping him at striking distance ensures that we never need to take drastic measures to obtain a certain look

Eddie Murphy on grounding himself after successive hits in 1980s

I had it all the way together for years and years and then what happened with movies is that they started offering you so much money to do stuff that I wound up doing everything.

Daniel Kaluuya credits parents having sex for oscar win

"My mom, my dad; they had sex, it's amazing! I'm here! I'm so happy to be alive, so I want to celebrate that tonight," he said. 

Oscars 2021: Irrfan Khan, Bhanu Athaiya get mention ‘In Memoriam’

Sean Connery and Chadwick Boseman were also among many others that the Academy remembered in the special tribute segment.

Anthony Hopkins wins best actor Oscar for ‘The Father’

It was a surprise win for the actor as many expected the Academy to honour late star Chadwick Boseman for his performance in "Ma Rainey's Black Bottom".

MANUU IMC Director selected as member of International Documentary Association

Rizwan is enthusiast and lover of the medium of cinema and has extensively worked for the audio-visual medium

AJ Tracey will retire soon as he completes ‘shelf life’

"I'll retire as soon as everyone's not feeling me no more. I'm gracefully bowing out, there's no more forcing it, old man thing. I'll just bow. 100% there's a shelf life," he said in an interview with "The Agenda Radio"

Elizabeth Olsen didn’t want to be linked to Mary-Kate, Ashley Olsen

I was 10 and I was curious about auditioning... and I realised very quickly it wasn't for me because I was missing my sports teams, my dance class and all the extracurricular activities at school. But during that time

Catherine Zeta-Jones: Was lovely having my family home amid pandemic

She said: I must say, personally, it was lovely when we were in a vulnerable and unknowing time to have my peeps, my loved ones around. I had my son home from college and my daughter home from school

‘Mortal Kombat’ retains essence of game, spirit of original movie: Chin Han

This film retains the essence of the games, the spirit of the original movie, and uses it as a jumping-off point to tell a story that speaks to our time, a time of superheroes and antiheroes.

Popular rap star Cardi B feels hungrier after finding fame

"Why am I always so hungry?! I swear I was never this hungry when I was broke," the rapper tweeted.

Chrissy Teigen, daughter Luna twin in black bikinis

Chrissy posted a picture on Instagram on Sunday from her luxurious vacation. In the picture the mother-daughter duo standing on the edge of an infinity pool.

Arnold Schwarzenegger uses his hit movie catchphrases in real life

The action star's son Patrick Schwarzenegger, who was a guest on "The Kelly Clarkson Show" to promote his new film "Moxie", was asked if his father used his famous catchphrases.

Colin Farrell found ‘Voyagers’ script a page-turner

"Voyagers" tells the story of 30 men and women sent on an interstellar mission to save the human race.

Riz Ahmed spent months learning drums for ‘Sound Of Metal’

The actor recalled spending months preparing for his role as Stone, a drummer who starts to lose his ability to hear.

Hip-Hop Star DMX dies at 50 one week after heart attack

The rapper, born Earl Simmons, who had been battling drug addiction, was hospitalized in New York last week with a heart attack following a reported overdose. Upon admission, his condition was so critical that he was resuscitated and placed on life support

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