Thursday, September 23, 2021
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Happiness in the Himalayas

Former Ranji Trophy cricketer, Sathyaprasad Yachendra travelled to the Himalayas over 30 times for photography

Violations of airspace by Chinese choppers in Himachal

"The intrusions were taken up with the central authorities appropriately by the state government."

Recognise rights of forest dwellers

Even after 13 years of its enactment, settlement of claims under the Forest Rights Act is extremely poor

Himachal Pradesh roads shut due to landslides triggered by heavy rain

There was an estimated loss of Rs 20 crore to the both public and private property in the state in two days. Till date the overall loss was Rs 574 crore.

Hundreds stranded in Himachal Pradesh after heavy rains

Traffic on the Chandigarh-Manali highway was blocked between Mandi and Kullu towns following massive landslides along the swollen Beas river.

Himachal hills turn white, vehicles’ movement hampered

Shimla: The hills of Himachal Pradesh on Friday witnessed more snow, hampering the movement of vehicles on the roads. The entire Kinnaur district and towns...

Massive landslide near Shimla

Videos of rubble and boulders carrying along with a car as they rolled down the hill went viral on the social media.

Shimla, Manali wrapped in snow

The government has advised motorists to check local road conditions before travelling to higher reaches in the hills as there are chances of heavy snowfall till Tuesday.

Shimla gets season’s first snowfall

Hoteliers have cheered up with the snowfall in the hope that tourists will come in large numbers in the coming days.

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