Thursday, September 23, 2021
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Kalakriti Art Gallery

Indulging in a rare, tough medium

‘Oil Seeds’ in glass is an exhibition of sculptures by Sisir Sahana, currently on at Kalakriti Art Gallery

Hyderabad: An exhibition showcasing Pashmina wear

The Kashmir Loom gives fashionistas an opportunity to explore world's finest fabric

Love in all its glory

Artist Bakula Nayak reinforces the feelings of romance in all forms through her paintings on display at Kalakriti art gallery

Awakening viewer to an inner world

The creations by Sarla Chandra symbolises how all forms of life are interconnected with an invisible cosmic energy

Creating ecosystem of art and culture

Kalakriti Art Gallery happens to be one of the most active and favourite hubs for art enthusiasts

Art from the heart

The city has moved on from hardly a few galleries to display artists’ works to appreciating art in its myriad forms

Colours of fantasy and glee

For he artist Godavarthi Venkatesh, the glass is always half full and that too with a sparking drink

Recounting tales from The Great Musi Flood

Thughyani Sitambar wreaked havoc in the city, claiming over 50,000 lives

A juxtaposition of France & India

Young artist Priyanka Aelay who was chosen for cross-residency programme between Bordeaux Metropolitan and Hyderabad exhibits her works in the city.

‘Sands of time’ displayed at Kalakriti Art Gallery

‘Sands of time’ at Kalakriti Art Gallery is a display of amazing works inspired by reality

Watch : Prisoners’ paintings sell like hot cakes in Hyderabad

Prisoners in Telangana's prisons turn out to be gifted artists... See this video to know more..

Prisoners’ paintings sell like hot cakes in Hyderabad

The Prisons Department showcased close to 100 paintings after the exhibition was inaugurated by the Director-General of Prisons and Correctional Services, V K Singh, on April 27.

Beautiful depiction of Dashavataram painting

Starting from the Matsyaavataram to Kalki avataram, every avatar is a form that the artist chose to deal with in his own way.

Rotary Club to stage fundraising play

About 800 theatre buffs are expected to watch the play titled 'Last Over' to be held at Hotel Marriott Convention Centre on February 9

Krishnakriti fest kicks off in Hyderabad

The festival will unveil 70 rare objects from the Kalakriti archive related to the history of Hyderabad.

Artist Sujata Bajaj gives a new perspective to ‘Ganapati’

In bright tones of red, green and orange, every picture describes Lord Ganapati in its own way.

Artistic expressions at Kalakriti Art Gallery

‘Housing the body, Housing the soul’ will be on display at Kalakriti Art Gallery till October 30 

Catching up with the Lahotis

Prshant and Rekha, owners of Kalakriti Art Gallery, share their views on arranged marriage, parenting and Hyderabad’s art scene.

Collection of masterpieces

Akhanda Ekarasa at Kalakriti Art Gallery depicts the rich cultural heritage of India

Interesting as ever

There is a lot more to discuss about women's practice in the field of art

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