Thursday, August 5, 2021
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Kakatiya Architecture

Warangal station to sport Kakatiya-era structure

The eastern side of the station is being elevated to resemble the historical “Kakatiya architecture”.

Rediscovering the glory and history of Telangana

Second international seminar on 'Telangana through ages' describes the rich history of Telangana.

Capturing the marvels of Kakatiya architecture

“Impressed with my work, they gave the Associate of Royal Photographic Society award and since then I have been working even more rigorously on the Kakatiya architecture,”

Many hues of Telangana on display at WTC

The exhibition by seven artistes organised as part of World Telugu Conference takes visitors on a journey of Telangana.

Telangana Martyrs Memorial at Lumbini Park

A means to remember sacrifices made by martyrs during Telangana movement.

Enticing beauty of Palampet

The intricate carvings and sculptures are testimonies of the artistic dexterity of the era. Surprisingly, there are also statues of dancing women wearing high heels.

Architectural magnificence of Ghanpur

This 13th century temple complex is a nice departure from the routine sights in Warangal.

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