Friday, October 22, 2021
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Sandeepa Dhar learnt her Kaagaz dance number overnight

The diva flew all the way from Europe just for two days

Satish Kaushik opens up on returning to direction after six years

"I read a news article about Lal Bihari Mritak many years ago and I was touched by his journey. When I researched about him, I felt that his story deserved to be told and I wanted to do that myself," said Kaushik.

Pankaj on memes on him: Some of these are actually good

The actor continues to enjoys immense popularity among the audience and has a rapidly growing fan base. It adds up to his sense of responsibility, he reveals.

Salman Khan has recited a very good poem in ‘Kaagaz’: Satish Kaushik

"After the lockdown is lifted, I am going to take it easy. You have to follow certain rules and take safety measures. But yes, I have lots of work on my platter."

Satish Kaushik goes on a detox diet

Kaushik says, The Sitapur schedule lasted over 50 days. Since winter was setting in, it became increasingly difficult for everyone, including the makers and cast, to sustain a healthy lifestyle.

Pankaj related to farmer’s struggles in Kaagaz

The film is based on the real life farmer Bharat Lal who struggled for 18 years to acquire his land and property legally

Satish Kaushik set to direct next film

Talking about the movie, Satish told in a message: "It was tentatively titled something else but finally it will be called Kaagaz now." The 62-year-old filmmaker says he has always admired Pankaj.

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