Saturday, October 16, 2021
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Indo-Pak history is bitter and sweet at once: Actresses Nimra and Sarwat

"People on both sides of the border do not have any bad feelings for each other. Even in Pakistan, unless there is a political point being thrown across, the love for each other, always surface."

Pak’s cartographic misadventure

The new map reflects Islamabad’s naivety and how it has become a client state of China

Gujarat to shift 8 Asiatic Lions to UP zoo

The date and the mode of transport are yet to be decided by the zoo officials, Dushyant Vasavada added.

Deaths of Gir lions: 26 more big cats shifted to rescue centre 

During the screening last week, three more lions died, taking the toll to 14. The department had claimed that the lions were already sick when they were rescued.

Axis sees growth in security solutions market in India

Cities, corporate offices, manufacturing, education, retail, defence and commercial establishments to drive demand

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