Sunday, September 26, 2021
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Stylish woman’s eye wear

Taking a look at the sunglasses that are in vogue

Gear up for fashion this fall

A roundup of what to look forward to for the next season 

From hip workstations to farms

Gone are the days when farmers wore dhotis and turbans, today they have been replaced by sunglasses and jeans

What’s your frayed choice?

Go for the hems that are not monotonous at all

The longer your kurta, the better it is

Midi, ankle or floor length -- anything that’s not short is in this season

Add a touch of your personality

Doodle jeans are just right for you, especially with these creative ideas.

Do some fashionable puddle-jumping

Rubber boots, which go with almost any outfit, are now available in an attractive variety.

Sequins and shimmer fashion lovers’ first choice

Sequins add a party vibe and chic glamour quotient. Quirky and fun patterns can be created on sweat shirts or pants. A sequined top can be paired with solid straight leg pants to add all the jazz you want.

Fashion tips: Tried peppy pants yet?

For a lively look, pair your printed trousers with the right accessories

High on fashion

Kimonos, if paired up rightly with any outfit can rock the look like anything

Try those quirky jackets & jeans

Save yourself from the heat, besides making a new fashion statement, with this hot combination

Play up with shirt dresses

Accessorise summer’s most comfortable outfit to sport many different looks

Oh so denim

Stay comfy, cool and sassy this summer with these on-trend styles

20 reps a day keeps the fat away

Get started with these exercises for toned thighs

Don’t miss out on these trends

If your wardrobe doesn’t have flare jeans or dungarees this season, then it’s time to upgrade.

Go boho-chic, chick

With these in hand, nailing the look gets easier than ever before.

Denim on denim

You need to try this style which is also known as a Canadian Tuxedo.

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