Tuesday, October 26, 2021
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iPhone maker

Apple replacing logic-boards of some 2018 MacBooks

Even though the specific issue with the logic boards has not been clearly specified, it had something to do with "power".

Apple releases public beta of new iPhone, iPad OS

The final version of the new iPhone and iPad operating systems is scheduled to release later this year, most likely by September, TechCruch reported on Monday.

Apple Watch 4 gets more colourful customisations

"Apple Watch Series 4 is completely redesigned. And now you can give it a fresh look with new bands in a variety of styles and colors,"  9to5Mac quoted Apple as saying on Tuesday.

In a first, Apple starts iPhone 7 production in India

For the first time this year, Apple has dropped iPhone prices on its official Chinese website.

Encrypting information

New Apple tech to secure iPhone users' privacy

Apple imparting health education to supplier workers in India

Apple trained 17.3 million supplier employees in workplace rights and 3.6 million received advanced education and skills training globally in 2018.

Apple appoints Sam Jadallah to lead its ‘Home’ products line: Report

Even though Apple has not officially announced the appointment, Jadallah updated his LinkedIn bio to read - "Working on Home at Apple", reflecting his new role with the iPhone-maker.

Apple joins the bendy race

The iPhone maker is now working on a foldable phone

Apple car may become reality in 2023

Many industry watchers have called the Apple Car the worst-kept secret of the Silicon Valley.

Apple approves update of Telegram app

The latest iOS version of the application is out after recent setbacks.

Samsung to pay Apple $539mn in patent lawsuit

"We're grateful to the jury for their service and pleased they agree that Samsung should pay for copying our products," Apple said in a statement.

LG may supply OLED display for next Apple iPhone

"LG is likely to ship a relatively small number of panels -- 15 to 16 million -- in the second half of the year," AppleInsider reported late on Wednesday.

Apple ‘Inclusion & Diversity Report’ reflects sexist attitude in hiring

Apple is still predominantly run by men who make up 71 per cent of the leaders at the company worldwide.

GST regime: Govt won’t be able to extend tax, duty concessions to Apple

"With the Goods and Services Tax (GST) in place, giving separate exemptions to anyone is not possible," the government source said.

Apple pays $450,000 for alleged hazardous waste violations

It is alleged that Apple opened, ran and then closed the Cupertino plant without regulators' knowledge. The plant processed about 1.1 million pounds of hazardous waste during a two-year period.

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