Wednesday, September 22, 2021
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iPhone maker

Hackers hit Apple in $50 million ransomware attack via MacBook supplier

According to The Record, the operators of the REvil ransomware are demanding that Apple pay a ransom demand to avoid having confidential information leaked on the Dark Web.

Zuckerberg takes on Cook, says Apple ‘biggest competitor’

Stressing that Apple has every incentive to use their dominant platform position to interfere with how our apps and other apps work, Zuckerberg said that the company "increasingly see Apple as one of our biggest competitors".

Apple’s 1st VR headset said to be powerful, expensive: Report

According to The Verge, the iPhone maker may use a fabric exterior to reduce the headset weight, but the company is also using a fan an unusual move for Apple given its emphasis on fan-less design.

Apple App Store Connect to remain closed during Christmas week

Apple has alerted developers to ensure there is enough time for their releases to be "scheduled, submitted, and approved" in advance of this period, or leave themselves waiting until after December 27 for updates to take place.

Apple may launch 1st ARM-powered Macs on November 17

Apple had announced it will be transitioning from the Intel chips that currently power all of its Mac machines to Apple Silicon.

World’s first floating Apple store opens in Singapore

"The Forum is centered around a Video Wall, which will serve as the stage for 'Today at Apple' sessions featuring Singapore's artists, musicians and creators."

Epic Games asks court to force Apple to reinstall Fortnite

Due to the legal row, Fortnite fans using iPhones or other Apple products no longer have access to the latest game updates.

Apple registers 8 Watches, 7 iPads in Eurasian Database

The Apple Watch filings follow previous model identifiers, with the A2375, A2376, A2355, and A2356 likely being cellular models, and the A2291, A2292, A2351, and A2352 being GPS-only models.

Apple starts testing revamped Maps app in UK, Ireland

Its first international expansion, as part of iOS 14, will cover the UK, Ireland and Canada, and would occur sometime later in 2020.

Apple apologises to WordPress, restores all updates

Mullenweg had accused Apple of cutting off the ability to update the app to get its 30 per cent fee on the App Store, and the Internet erupted in the favour of a platform that lets people build and manage websites and blogs for free.

India needs to move beyond manufacturing to become product leader

"A special window for sub-$200 phones to create Indian 'champion' companies, their revival and vigorous growth has been the key objective."

Tesla stock up 7% after car maker announces 5-1 share split

"The Board of Directors has approved and declared a five-for-one split of Tesla's common stock in the form of a stock dividend to make stock ownership more accessible to employees and investors."

Apple CEO Tim Cook becomes a billionaire for the first time

The strong earnings report helped Apple shares closed up 10.47 per cent to become the world's most valuable publicly traded company, surpassing the largest oil producer in the world.

Chinese firm files $1.43bn lawsuit against Apple in patent fight

All eyes are now on the current lawsuit which could lead to an examination of whether the technology used by the two companies are different or not. 

Apple announces 8 winners of 2020 design awards

"Through their vision, determination, and exacting standards, the winning developers inspire not only their peers in the Apple developer community but all of us at Apple, too."

Apple set to launch 10.8-inch iPad, 8.5-inch iPad Mini

Apple is reportedly planning to launch two new variants of the iPad, a 10.8-inch iPad which will be launched later this year and an 8.5-inch iPad Mini in 2021.

Apple to announce Intel break-up early next week: Report

Processors for Macs from Apple will use similar technology to those in iPhones and iPads, but Macs would still run the macOS and not the iOS.

Apple first US company to hit $1.5 trillion market cap

"Apple would reduce its share count by about 1 billion shares in the forecast period, from 4.6 billion at the end of fiscal 2019 to 3.6 billion in fiscal 2024."

Apple could achieve $2 trillion market cap in 4 years: Report

Apple now has over 515 million paid subscriptions across the services on its platform, up 125 million from a year ago.

Apple to pay $25 each to iPhone users for slower performance

Apple admitted in 2017 that the software update slowed down certain iPhone models with degraded batteries.

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