Tuesday, September 21, 2021
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Remote working could be future of work

With the lockdown all over the world, work from home concept gained momentum. The Covid-19 pandemic has drastically changed the perception of the companies to such an extent that companies are enthusiastic

IMF chief urges G20 nations to take actions on trade, climate

"The global economy will continue to encounter major shocks if we fail to address another urgent global challenge: climate change."

Embassy Services eyes USD 500 mn revenue in 5 years

"There is a lot of scope not just in the commercial office space segment but also in the industrial and warehousing sectors."

Venture capital funding is cautiously optimistic

The company has a diverse portfolio of more than 100 investments in technology, healthcare and clean environment.

Gati investing in logistics capabilities

Consolidated revenue from operations touch Rs 458 crore in Q1

Apple in talks to buy Intel smartphone chip unit: Report

The last-minute settlement cut short a courtroom clash between the tech giants just as it was getting underway in California.

Decrease your carbon footprint by investing in these recyclable shopping bags

Instead of adding to the carbon footprint, invest in reusable and recyclable grocery bags

Arjun Kapoor turns entrepreneur, to empower women

For CEO Vedant Kanoi, having a "socially conscious youth icon" like Arjun's support is a dream come true.

Perks of sustainable beer

Researchers from Indiana University in the US found that a majority of beer drinkers would be willing to pay more for beer produced sustainably.

Invest with a purpose

Time frame is a must along with selecting the right product for achieving financial goals

New age tools making investing in MFs easy

The new age channels cut out the distribution channel and save on commission that goes to distributors. The same is given back to the customers, making the net returns higher compared to regular mutual funds.

Namdhari, the name is more than enough in Hyderabad

“Hyderabad made me what I am today. The city is my Karam Bhoomi. I have grown with the city. I remember how empty the Hussain Sagar road looked. That was the place I frequented,” says Malhotra.

Elon Musk and his companies

Some individuals invariably end up having a huge, disproportionate influence. One such person influencing a wide variety of industries is Elon Musk.

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