Thursday, September 23, 2021
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Chingari join hands with Dekko to introduce infotainment

"Our aim is to provide a seamless experience to our millions of users to keep themselves updated with the events occurring around the world along with creating and watching interesting content," Sumit Ghosh, Co -Founder and CEO of Chingari, said

Tesla cars to soon play music from external speakers: Musk

The electric-car maker recently rolled out a pedestrian noisemaker for the Model 3 sedan.

At 11GB data per user a month, 90% Indians binge on streaming

"Time spent on video streaming has surged 1.2 times to average 4.2 hours per user per week," the findings showed.

Intelligence system to provide infotainment, car tracking

The device has Android OS with 4G-enabled SIM, with one-year validity.

From hip workstations to farms

Gone are the days when farmers wore dhotis and turbans, today they have been replaced by sunglasses and jeans

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