Saturday, September 25, 2021
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Indian Institute of Technology-Madras

184 patents filed by IIT Madras in 2020

Despite the Covid-19 related lockdown last year, the number of patents filing was 184 (Indian 119, International 65), a shade less than the 190 filings (Indian 128, International 62) made the previous year.

IIT Madras to host two-day ‘Industry Conclave 2021’ from Saturday

To be held completely online, the event is open for the public and is intended to showcase the cutting-edge technology, research, innovation and startups coming out of the Institute Ecosystem

IIT-Madras develops sustainable anti-bacterial food wrapper

The antibacterial agent selected is also approved by the food authority for consumption and includes eugenol, chlorogenic acid, betanin, curcumin and gallic acid, among others.

Three nation team with IIT-M researchers win US Energy dept prize

The competition was organised by the US Department of Energy to design a wave energy based desalination system to provide post-disaster drinking water supply to coastal areas.

IIT-M joins MIT for productive use of agri, industrial by-products

This project aims to address the growing challenge regarding the beneficial utilization of voluminous industrial by-products generated in India.

IIT Madras, ESPN’s AI tool ‘Superstats’ to enhance IPL experience

This data science-driven tool offers three major metrics of forecaster, luck index and smart stats that would cover all aspects of the match for fans coverage - pre-game, in-game and post-game.

IIT-M develops alternatives to conventional Li-ion batteries

"Such advances are crucial as India is aiming to achieve 40 percent of its total electricity generation from non-fossil fuel sources such as solar and wind by the year 2030."

UoH among top 10 institutions in ARIIA 2020

The UoH is the only Central University in the list of top institutes of national importance and ranked first among the central universities.

IIT-M develops technique to improve surveillance camera images

This can prove crucial in helping law enforcement agencies solve crimes and help the common public as many communities are now installing CCTVs to safeguard themselves.

IIT-M startup develops portable hospital for corona patients

In a statement issued here on Thursday, IIT-M said the portable hospital called MediCAB is a decentralised approach to detect, screen, identify, isolate and treat Covid-19 patients in their local communities through these portable microstructures.

IIT Madras Launches ‘Young Research Fellow’ program for UG Students

The program provides one-on-one interaction with the high calibre IIT faculty members, to participate in cutting edge research.

IIT-M researchers develop microwave process to make biofuel oils

The co-pyrolysis of biomass and plastics, in addition to increasing the calorific value of the fuel, also reduces char formation, thereby increasing efficiency of the process and yield of fu

IIT-H, NIT-W climb up NIRF rankings

With an overall score of 59.59, the IIT-H has improved its ranking from 22 in the last year to 17 now.

IIT-Madras researchers demonstrate role of microRNA in tongue cancer

For the current study, IIT Madras collaborated with researchers from Cancer Institute and Sree Balaji Dental College and Hospital at Chennai and Indian Institute of Science at Bengaluru.

IIT-M research shows concrete made from clay may replace cement

The IIT-M researchers have provided clarity on the link between microstructural development and durability performance of concrete through their investigation on concrete with ternary blended cements

IIT Madras to host global Hyperloop Pod contest

The competition is open globally and the final round will take place in the IIT Madras campus in July 2020, IIT Madras said on Wednesday.

IIT Madras’ programme to skill women in technical profession

Overall, as many as 150 hours of training will be offered to skill the women on their journey back to their careers. Candidates will get a choice to opt for any level as certificates will be issued for each level.

Rolls-Royce to collaborate with IIT Madras for research

The company also said as per the agreement, it will also send some of its engineers to IIT-M for higher education.

IIT-M develops AI-powered drone to tackle rogue drones

The IIT-M said that the drone developed by its researchers can help law enforcement and security agencies as well as armed forces to secure air space over critical civilian and military installations against surveillance by rogue drones.

IIT-Madras builds AI tech to convert brain signals into language

The researchers can potentially interpret nature's signals such as the plant photosynthesis process or their response to external forces.

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