Thursday, August 5, 2021
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Indian Education System

Ideas for new education system

Mere intention and will alone won’t work, strong support systems and collective participation are key

Respect Indian cultural heritage: Govind Namdev

The commercialisation of education in India has led to educational institutions aping the western education system, without paying heed to the necessity of the future Indian generation to put India on the world map as a superpower

PGDM Convocation held at VJIM

Dr. Srinivas Kandula, CEO, Capgemini-India Operations in his convocation address opined that Indian education system needs changes in line with developed countries.

Perils of populism in academia

Inflated grading is creating graduates whose scores are stratospheric but whose skill-levels are abysmal.

Big Data in education

The Government of India has allocated a mere 3.8 per cent of GDP to education during the budget year 2017-2018.. Needless to say, this...

Unshackle universities

Not a single Indian university figures on the global top 500 list. This is ironic for a country that takes pride in being a...

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