Thursday, October 21, 2021
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Biden vows to address Indian-Americans’ concerns on H-1B

Biden made the remarks while addressing a virtual fundraiser organized by the community on Tuesday, The American Bazaar reported on Wednesday.

3 Indian-Americans show recovery from COVID-19 after plasma therapy

Convalescent Plasma therapy is a process in which blood plasma from a patient who has recovered from COVID-19 is infused into a critically ill patient

Indian-Americans confused over New Delhi’s travel restrictions

The visa free travel facility for OCI (Overseas Citizen of India) card holders has also been suspended until April 15.

Indian-Americans organise ‘sit-in Satyagraha’ in US

The speakers highlighted the need for pluralism in an ancient and heterogeneous society like India.

Three Indian-Americans sentenced in call center fraud scheme in US

Their sentences ranged from six months to four years and nine months in prison.

Anti-CAA protests by Indian Americans mar R Day celebrations in US

“Hindu, Muslim Sikh, Isai: Aapas Mein Sab Bhai Bhai”.

Human rights groups to hold rallies against CAA on Jan 26 in United States

"We demand that the Govt. of India immediately move Parliament to repeal CAA and immediately terminate its plans for an NPR and NRC."

‘Howdy, Modi’ tremendous display of bigger ideas: US diplomat

“Together Trump and Modi are delivering on their shared commitment to accelerate the upward trajectory of the US-India strategic partnership.”

Howdy Modi: Trump likely to deliver 30-minute-long, major speech on India

"By coming to Houston and attending the "Howdy, Modi!" event, he (Trump) has won the hearts of Indian-Americans. He will earn more votes from Indian Americans in the 2020 presidential elections."

“Howdy Modi” event “win-win” situation for Modi, Trump: Mukesh Aghi

President Trump will join prime minister Modi and they will address more than 50,000 Indian-Americans at the "Howdy Modi" event on Sunday.

Indian-Americans protest against Pak-funded terrorism

People of all ages from different countries such as Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Israel took part in the protests, while some from Balochistan - a part of Pakistan, also expressed solidarity.

12 Indian-Americans raise $26 mn for polls

Most of the fund-raising figures released by the Federal Election Commission (FEC) are till September 30 and the final number before the November 6 polls is likely to jump further.

Indian IT professionals ask US govt to end green card backlog

Indian-Americans, most of whom are highly skilled and come to the US mainly on H-1B work visas are the worst sufferers of the current immigration system which imposes a seven per cent per country quota on allotment of green cards or permanent legal residency.

Indian-Americans provide relief materials post Harvey damage

Indian restaurants have also opened up their kitchens to provide hot meals at various shelters.

5 Indian-Americans, including 4 women, on 2017 Politico 50 list

The list is topped by Steve Bannon, the former White House Chief Strategist and concludes with Paul Ryan, the Speaker of the US House of Representatives.

Growing influence of the India lobby

The positive push by Indian-Americans is transforming US foreign policy towards India and bringing both the countries closer

Indian American Congressman seeks action to combat hate crimes

Krishnamoorthi wrote in the letter that many Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Jews, and other religious minorities in the US are living under the fear for their safety and requested Kelly to protect their interests.

‘Time for decisive steps to end bigotry, hate crimes in US’

"There are various reasons (for increase in hate crimes), but one is certainly there's been a rise in divisive rhetoric starting with the top," said Krishnamoorthi.

Trump nominates 2 Indian-Americans for key positions

Prominent Indian-Americans will be Trump's new IP and regulatory czars respectively as he nominated them on Friday while making many administrative appointments.

Don’t ‘misuse’ H-1B visas: US’ stern warning to firms

The US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) on Monday announced multiple measures to "deter and detect" what it described as "fraud and abuse" of the H-1B work visas.

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