Tuesday, October 19, 2021
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Joe Biden urges Congress to pass immigration reform

Biden said the Congress needs to pass legislation this year to finally secure protection for the Dreamers – the young people who have only known America as their home.

Biden taps Harris to lead diplomatic effort to stem immigrant flow

"We need to deal with what's happening in the Northern Triangle and address it in a way that is about not only diplomacy, but bringing our allies together," Harris said.

8 immigrants killed when pickup crashes in Texas border city

The people killed were all Mexican nationals between the ages of 18 and 20, according to Val Verde County Sheriff Joe Frank Martinez.

New book uncovers Indian mystery probed by Sherlock Holmes author

The story, which revolves around several threatening letters and the distressing killing and mutilation of animals, was one of the most famous cases in Edwardian England.

Joe Biden lifts Trump-era ban blocking legal immigration to US

Trump had deemed immigrants a “risk to the US labour market” and blocked their entry to the United States in issuing Proclamation 10014 and Proclamation 10052.

Biden signs executive order to ensure legal immigration system operates fairly

The president told reporters at the White House that his executive orders are about how America is safer, stronger, more prosperous when it has a fair, orderly and humane legal immigration system.

Living the American Dream

The extraordinary life journey of Harris as a child of immigrant parents is both historic and inspiring

Indian-American-led team translating COVID-19 info in 30 languages

The team of over 150 medical students led by Pooja Chandrashekar, is developing COVID-19 fact sheets and translating them into 30 languages, which besides Hindi also include Gujarati, Telugu, Malayalam, Bengali, Punjabi, Tamil, Marathi and Urdu, reports the American Bazaar.

Citizenship Amendment Act is just bad for India: Satya Nadella

"My hope is for an India where an immigrant can aspire to find a prosperous start-up or lead a multinational corporation benefitting Indian society and the economy at large,"

Assam’s ‘sons of the soil’ cherish new protest symbol

"We won't accept even a single immigrant. Assam has taken enough immigrants in the past."

Citizenship (Amendment) Bill: Protests break out in Assam

The bill was passed by the Lok Sabha on January 8 but it was not tabled in Rajya Sabha then.

Court rules against Trump administration’s rule on immigrants

"The balance of equities and the interests of justice favor issuance of a preliminary injunction."

Sayani Gupta’s ‘Axone’ to premiere at London Film Festival

"Axone" is a bittersweet comedy satire that follows immigrants in Delhi who are attempting to organise a wedding party but soon find everything going wrong."

Trump administration to divert disaster aid for border detention

Officials say the motive behind the decision was to bolster President Donald Trump's immigration and border strategy.

Trump threatens to begin deporting undocumented immigrants

Trump however, did not provide further details on the immigrants who would be affected by the mass removal, reports Efe news.

Telangana: Five Bangladeshi illegal immigrants nabbed in Sangareddy

Inspector Naresh has said that they have entered into India without passport through West Bengal.

Telangana immigrants stuck in Riyadh seek Centre’s help

The 56 immigrants hailing from Adilabad, Nirmal, Karimnagar and Nizamabad districts went to Riyadh and were working for Joannaou and Paraskevaides (Saudi Arabia) Limited Company in Riyadh.

‘Pay to Stay’ visa racket busted in US, 8 Telugu people arrested

The ICE also has started detaining foreign students of this fake university and started the process of their deportation.

Gear up to study abroad

Prepare well for TOEFL, IELTS before few months in order to build knowledge and confidence

Trump offers concessions on immigrants in return for wall funds

Trump attempted to seize the initiative in ending the 29-day partial shutdown, a funding freeze that has left many important government departments relying on unpaid or highly reduced staff.

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