Saturday, October 23, 2021
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Govt should focus on EVs in public transport

The focus should be on moving towards EVs, but also on moving people and not moving vehicles which can be achieved through public transportation and its electrification, said Niti Aayog CEO

Glaciers are much more than just ice blocks

A glacier is a large, perennial accumulation of crystalline ice, snow, rock, sediment, and often liquid water that originates on land and moves down...

What makes ice slippery?

For many years, scientists thought that the cause was pressure. When you apply pressure to water, you do indeed lower its melting point.

What is an ice sheet?

Together, the Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets contain more than 99 per cent of the freshwater ice on Earth.

The ‘Dirty Snowballs’ of Space

Some researchers think comets might have originally brought some of the water and organic molecules to Earth that now make up life here.

US bars new international students opting online courses

However, this rule will not apply to international students who are pursuing courses in US universities before March

US won’t allow new int’l students whose courses are entirely online

In a release, the ICE on Friday said "F and M students in new or initial status after March 9, 2020, will not be able to enter the United States to enroll in a US school as a nonimmigrant student for the fall term to pursue a full course of study that is 100 percent online

Where is Iceberg Alley?

A particularly treacherous part of the North Atlantic has come to be known as Iceberg Alley because of the high number of icebergs that find their way there.

What are icebergs?

Icebergs are large chunks of ice that break off from glaciers. This process is called Calvin. Icebergs float in the ocean, but are made...

TRS leader reaches out to organisations helping needy

Rajashekar Reddy distributed groceries, including rice, dal, oil, and vegetables to Krishna Sadhan old age home located at Devaryanjal of Medchal district

Detained migrant with COVID-19 forced to call in to US court

Public health experts have warned that the virus could do particular harm in U.S. jails and prisons because there's little space for social distancing

Hyderabad startup develops swappable batteries for 3-wheelers

In addition, it is also building powertrains which is a high-performance component to drive the vehicles

Enjoy ice skating in Seoul

The South Korean capital has many rinks and parks to help you make unforgettable memories

Destination USA: Aeronautics and Aviation programmes in US

The study of Aeronautics and Aviation Science combines flight training with academic studies

Cut GST on lithium-ion batteries: IESA

Energy storage industry body calls for funding support for research and manufacturing

Many ICE protesters arrested from Manhattan Microsoft store

Microsoft and other tech giants have been facing the ire for making millions of dollars doing business with the law enforcement agency responsible for family separation of large number of immigrants.

Iced Tea cocktail for a powerhouse weekend

Try this drink which has the same hue as its namesake and blends perfectly for a balanced taste

Trump administration to divert disaster aid for border detention

Officials say the motive behind the decision was to bolster President Donald Trump's immigration and border strategy.

Google employees call for pledge not to work with ICE

A group of employees posted a petition publicly urging the company not to bid on a cloud computing contract for CBP.

Destination USA: Academic Culture at US Universities

Carefully choose the type of courses and number of credits to enroll in each semester

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