Wednesday, October 20, 2021
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Hyderabad Weather

Temperatures inch close to 40 degree C in Hyderabad

The highest temperature recorded was 39.4 degree Celsius at Nagole, Narayanaguda and Jubilee Hills.

Hyderabad: After a brief respite, day temperatures rise on Saturday

The highest recorded temperature so far today was at Red Hills Play Ground, Nampally, with 36 degree Celsius.

Hyderabad sees above normal day temperatures

The maximum temperature on Wednesday was 30.5 degree Celsius, which is 1.7 degree Celsius above normal while the minimum temperature was 0.9 degree Celsius below normal at 13.8 degree Celsius.

After a break, rains play cameo in Hyderabad

However, weather officials said the drizzles were a temporary occurrence and that the minimum temperatures, which had dropped considerably in the last few days, could slightly climb back up in the next three days.

Hyderabad’s day temperature drops by 8 degrees

The IMD forecast says the next few days were likely to have generally cloudy skies, apart from haze, and light rains or drizzle.

Thick fog hinders traffic flow near Hyderabad

Poor visibility leads to three separate accidents; 14 vehicles damaged

Mercury rises to 37.8 degrees Celsius on Wednesday in Hyderabad

The heat was an unexpected 4.5 degrees Celsius higher than normal for this time of the year. Similar conditions were predicted for the city for Thursday, since there was no rainfall in most parts of Telangana, with the Southwest Monsoon becoming weak.

Cool winds make weather pleasant in Hyderabad

The city received little to no rainfall on Monday, with the weather varying from one locality to another. In some parts of the city, a drizzle accompanied by cool winds made the weather pleasant and the roads slightly wet, but the average rainfall recorded was only 0.7 mm.

Summer continues to torment Hyderabad after brief respite

On Sunday, the maximum temperature in the city registered at 39.3 degrees Celsius.

Winter takes a break in Hyderabad

India Meteorological Department (IMD) officials said the minimum temperature recorded on Tuesday was 17.7 degrees Celsius, whereas the normal minimum temperature this time of the year would be about 15 degrees Celsius.

After a brief break, cold weather is back in Hyderabad

According to Regional Meteorological Department, the temperature levels are likely to drop in next few days

Rains come crashing back to Hyderabad; low lying areas inundated

Some road stretches got submerged under a sheet of water while several low lying areas witnessed inundation.

Rains: GHMC officials, Corporators work overtime to restore normalcy

The GHMC, which had already drawn up plans for such situations, did push its manpower and machinery on a relief and rescue mission.

Arabian Sea warming cause of extreme rainfall in Hyderabad: Study

'Not only is the frequency of extreme rain events increasing, but the extremes themselves are intensifying over time', the study notes.

Mercury taking upward curve in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: Monsoon having chosen to take a backseat, dry weather conditions continued to prevail in the city for the past few days and mercury...

Slight drizzles cool down parts of city

The drizzles and hailstorms were all in the evening, with the sun blazing down on the city at 41.3 degree Celsius earlier in the day. The evening hours saw the scene changing with the drizzle, which though negligible, came as a sign of relief for the sunbaked city.

Days of scorching heat back

The maximum temperature, which crossed 40 degrees Celsius early last week, dipped slightly to 38 degrees over the weekend. But it rose again by two notches on Monday.

Drizzles keep city wet

The morning was dull, with a thick coat of fog floating across in most areas of the city, forcing motorists to keep their headlamps on well past 8 am, especially on the highways. The conditions remained overcast till around 3 pm, with the drizzles continuing intermittently.

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