Tuesday, September 21, 2021
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Andrij Parekh makes India proud at Emmys 2020

An acclaimed cinematographer for 20 years, the "Succession" job incidentally marked his directorial debut.

Amazon, Xiaomi more devices failed in a hacking competition

The hackers first targeted Sony's X800G smart TV, using a Javascript OOB Read bug to exploit the television's built-in web browser, by doing this the team earned $15,000.

Survival of the fittest

One would need more than just willpower to come out unscathed when a disaster strikes

Google remembers social activist Baba Amte

"We salute Babe Amte for a lifetime of service to humanity," said Google as they dedicated the day in 1914, when Amte was born.

Basenjis are not only ideal for hunting but also make perfect pets

Though it is affectionate and powerful, it is not an easy breed to handle sometimes.

Man of many talents

Some interesting nuggets from the reign of the seventh Nizam, Mahboob Ali Khan

In spite of foreign pressure, Japan kills 177 whales in annual hunt

Japan is a signatory to the International Whaling Commission's (IWC) moratorium on hunting whales, but exploits a loophole which allows whales to be killed in the name of scientific research.

Tiny underwater aliens: This fish hides by deflecting light!

Like other silvery fish, hatchetfish are known for using their reflective, aluminium-like skin as a mirror to confuse fellow sea creatures in ambient light.

Investigation intensified into deer hunt

Some elite people from Hyderabad participated in the poaching, according to rumours.

Doubts loom large over deer hunting episode

Doubts are being expressed by the people over the way the Mahadevpur hunting episode was handled by the forest department officials.

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