Saturday, September 25, 2021
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Bird Flu: States cautioned to look for unusual bird mortality

The States have also been advised to closely coordinate with the forest department officials to check whether birds are falling dead unusually. In case of any such instances, preventive measures to check spread of the virus

NASA to fly deep-space capsule despite power unit component issue

During their troubleshooting, engineers evaluated the option to "use as is" with the high-degree of available redundancy or remove and replace the box, NASA said on Friday.

Global warming likely to raise disease risk for animals

The study, published in the journal Science, supports a phenomenon known as "thermal mismatch hypothesis," which is the idea that the greatest risk for infectious disease in cold climate-adapted animals such as polar bears occurs as temperatures rise.

Most humans at diabetes risk as evolution of insulin hits roadblock

Scientists from Indiana University (IU), University of Michigan and Case Western Reserve University determined that the sequence of insulin has become entrenched at the edge of impaired production

Antiviral drug for cats may help fight Covid-19 in humans

"In just two months, our results have shown that the drug is effective at inhibiting viral replication in cells with SARS-CoV-2," said a study researcher Joanne Lemieux from the University of Alberta (UA) in Canada."

Centuries old barrage in Asifabad still serving

The anicut, built in 1903, continues to supply irrigation to 1,100 acres in Bejjur mandal, drinking water to wildlife

Samsung bets big on 6G, expects roll out as early as 2028

The trustworthiness requirement addresses the security and privacy issues arising from the widespread use of user data and Artificial Intelligence technologies.

Diana Penty: Pandemic has taught me to value life

"I think this pandemic has been nature's way of telling us to just stop. We were moving at a pace too fast for our own good. This time, as tough as it has been, has given me the chance to disconnect and just be," Diana said.

Facebook, Messenger, Instagram up now after suffering outages

Facebook was yet to comment on the reasons behind the fresh outage.

Bats benefit ecosystem: Expert

Dr Srinivasulu says there is no evidence that bats directly transmitted Coronavirus to humans

Khammam people lend helping hand to needy in crisis time

In a humanitarian gesture Home Guards and police constables have offered food to farmers at chilli yard in Khammam Agriculture Market on Saturday as the hotels and eateries were closed

This AI-based system can teach human intention to robots

Dr Lina Yao, a senior lecturer of engineering at UNSW and principal investigator, is busy getting AI systems and human-machine interfaces up to speed with the finer nuances of human behaviour.

India’s poultry industry hit by false coronavirus claims

Messages warning people to stop eating chicken because of the contagion have been widely shared on social media, including Facebook and WhatsApp, in recent weeks.

IIT-Madras builds AI tech to convert brain signals into language

The researchers can potentially interpret nature's signals such as the plant photosynthesis process or their response to external forces.

Stray dog treks 480 km and counting along with Sabarimala pilgrims

The animal got its paws injured a couple of times and was treated by local veterinarians, and the devotees group is now planing to take its furry friend to Sabarimala in their spiritual journey

IIT-Hyderabad studies mercury levels in humans

Mercury is a neurotoxin that is distributed in the environment and present in many products encountered in daily life.

Leopard kills calf in Mahabubnagar

The villagers are hoping the forest department to capture and take away the leopard so that no further damage could happen to the cattle or humans.

Pointers from a canine whisperer

Chandra Sekhar, professional dog trainer and behaviourist, finds communicating with dogs very fascinating

Rules of heavy petting

Human touch as many would say, is the most therapeutic way to tell someone you are there for them. While for fellow humans, hugs and holding hands evoke emotional bonds, for the animal world, petting just begets happiness.

AI will never replace humans at all places: Tech Mahindra CEO

Delivering a motivational lecture at IIT-H as part of “New Indian Manthan-Leadership Talk” here on Friday, Gurnani said youngsters must visualise what they want to become exactly which would motivate them to perform better

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