Saturday, October 16, 2021
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human life

Green politics now and in future

An alternative development path different from Western and China's growth models will succeed only if we go green

Believing in the oneness of human existence

Paintings have become a weapon against social differences.

Make health your priority this year

Paying attention to physical activity, nutrition and proper rest go a long way in keeping one healthy

TS Assembly passes resolution opposing uranium mining in Nallamala

"The forests are also home to Chenchu tribals as well as tigers, leopards, bears, spotted deer, Nilgai and many other creatures. They are also a rich repository of medicinal plants."

‘WhatsApp messages can be traced without diluting encryption’

"If WhatsApp says it is not technically possible to show the originator of the message, I can show that it is possible."

NHRC aims to protect dignity of human life: ex-CJI Dattu

"Dignity is the essence of human life and it's the objective of NHRC," Dattu, the former Chief Justice of India, said at a conference on human rights on Wednesday.

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