Saturday, September 18, 2021
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hospital beds

Editorial: Free vaccines for all

A national vaccination policy designed to step up coverage without burdening anyone is essential

Rhetoric with no road map

Modi’s address appeared like yet another event management exercise, a favourite trope of the present leadership

Covid-19 beds position in Telangana can be tracked online now

As on Wednesday afternoon, a total of 16,140 Covid positive patients are undergoing treatment at Government and private hospitals.

Gandhi Hospital converted into Covid only hospital

The move comes in the wake of extreme pressure from Covid positive patients and their relatives from across Telangana for hospital beds and healthcare facilities

No shortage of hospital beds in Telangana, says Eatala

Apart from the existing 8,643 beds in State-run hospitals, govt will utilise 14,000 beds at private medical colleges

Covid crisis deepens

The situation seems to be back to square one: ICUs are fast filling up, test positivity is climbing and migrant workers are returning to homes

This hospital bed doubles up as coffin!

Company manager Rodolfo Gómez said he was inspired to find a way to help after watching events unfold recently in nearby Ecuador.

United States confirmed COVID-19 cases cross 100,000: Tracker

The United States has around 15,000 more confirmed cases than the second country on the list, Italy, and 20,000 more than China, where the disease was first identified but has since peaked.

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