Monday, October 18, 2021
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Avoid repeat of Ayodhya

Directing ASI to undertake a survey on Gyanvapi Mosque is a disquieting development

Motormouths on the prowl

The sooner the BJP realises the folly of its divisive agenda, the better it would be for the party’s future

Tanishq ‘Ekatvam’ ad pulled after outrage

The jewellery brand's new advertisement called 'Confluence' received flak for featuring an interfaith baby shower

Secularism and majority nationalism

Our standing as the world’s largest democracy will be in peril if we do not treat all our citizens equally

Modi’s Ayodhya visit a victory of Hindutva over secularism: Owaisi

By attending, the Prime Minister has not only laid the foundation of a Mandir, but also the foundation of a Hindu Rashtra, says AIMIM chief

Protests in 21 US varsities against Delhi violence

"The goal of this symbolic use of black and white is to signify that we are not in celebration but in condemnation."

Religiosity needn’t be communal

Relying on religion during elections doesn’t fetch great dividends as politicians are judged by their ability to deliver

Terror doesn’t have a dress, Asad to Modi

MP urges Prime Minister to identify person who fired shots at an anti-CAA group leading a protest march in Jamia Millia

Raising questions on Muslim politics

A new book Siyasi Muslims by Hilal Ahmed raises many questions around Muslim politics and analyses reasons behind the anti-Islamic rhetoric

RSS ideologue for removing ‘secular’ from Constitution preamble

He argued that India does not need a secular ethos as the nation has moved "way beyond secularism" since it believes in universal acceptance as against the western concept of tolerance

First big threat to Constitution

If the Citizenship Amendment Bill is passed, it will significantly alter the basic tenets of India

BJP condemns Pragya Thakur’s Godse remarks, drops her from defence panel

BJP working president J P Nadda said that Thakur will be removed from the consultative committee on defence, to which she was recently appointed.

Illegitimate govt formation will ‘self destruct’: Congress

Congress spokesperson Randeep Singh Surjewala also slammed the BJP over Devendra Fadnavis and Ajit Pawar being sworn in as the CM and Deputy CM.

India’s foundation based on secularism: Sanjay Raut

"Leaders of the Congress-NCP have informed me that the discussions are very cordial, proceeding smoothly and in the right direction on the issue of Common Minimum Program. I shall meet NCP President Sharad Pawar today in New Delhi."

Savarkar was `patron’ of Gandhi assassination: Tushar Gandhi 

Savarkar, who faced trial in the Gandhi assassination case but was acquitted, had not been pronounced innocent by the court, he claimed

CPM can checkmate BJP in next polls: Veerabhadram

Karimnagar: CPI(M) State secretary Thammineni Veerabhadram on Tuesday said CPM was the only party which can prevent the "Hindu fundamentalist" BJP from coming to...

Asaduddin Owaisi demands law against mob lynchings

Owaisi said such lynching cases were a result of hatred being spread against Muslims and urged the Prime Minister to follow the Supreme Court directions on the issue.

Team Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi started his second innings with the team selection that has thrown up some surprises, even while representing continuity with change...

‘Women leadership should be encouraged’

Hyderabad: Activist and scholar Vasanthi Raman emphasised the need to encourage women leadership and participation in all sectors including political parties and movements. She...

Hyderabad: Owaisi blasts Shiv Sena on burqa ban demand

He charged Shiv Sena with attempting to spread hatred against Muslims in the country, particularly against women

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