Saturday, October 16, 2021
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Healthy Lifestyle

Venkaiah Naidu calls for national campaign to promote healthy lifestyle

The World Health Organisation data has attributed 61 per cent of all deaths in the country to NCDs like cancer, diabetes and blood pressure, he noted.

Pregnancy complications increase risk of heart disease in women

The study also provided guidance on how to manage heart health during menopause, after pregnancy complications, and during other conditions such as breast cancer and polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS).

Top tips to ensure heart health while at home

Simple lifestyle alterations, if made timely in various age groups can assure that our heart remains fit and healthy - you are never too young or too old - to take care of your heart.

Superfoods that can lower the risk of breast cancer

Foods which are rich in antioxidants and fiber have been found to regulate oestrogen and inhibit cancer cell formation.

Natural immunity booster to tackle illnesses

Try this drink concocted using herbs and spices to help keep you healthy amid Covid-19

PMS Bowenpally: Kids turn chefs to promote healthy eating habit

Teachers at the virtual session told that good nutrition was an important part of leading a healthy lifestyle

All you need to know about bone health

Natural or phyto-medicines are free from any kind side effects, can be continued for long term and have sustained benefits for the holistic wellness of your bone health.

How Raveena Tandon ensures her kids grow up easy

Raveena stresses on the importance of experimenting with food keeping in mind the unique taste buds of kids as it is normal for kids to crave for snacks.

Ways to stick to your fitness resolution

Maintaining a workout journal to record each workout gets interesting as one looks back at the progress they’ve made

Jennifer Aniston spills the beans on her diet

Before sitting down with her cup of joe, Aniston said she meditated, sweated out and fed her dogs.

Hero Cycles partners Yamaha Motor Co to launch e-cycle

This is first e-cycle which is driven by a center motor, an automotive part to help steep incline riding, and can run up to 60-70 kms on a charge time of 3.5 hours.

London sets out plans to tackle childhood obesity

"It's shocking that our city has such high levels of child obesity and that our children's health depends so much on who they are and where they live."

Wholesome goodness in a box

Preethi Sinha of Greens and More hopes to make her brand the next Subway of India

Health tips in Hyderabadi lingo, anyone?

Public Garden Walkers Association organises lecture on health on every first Sunday of month

Stay fitter, feel better!

Scores of yoga enthusiasts flocked to different parts of the city to celebrate 'International Yoga Day' on June 21

Prevent dementia with healthy choices

The disorder can be delayed with regular physical exercise

Fitness gets a filmy boost

A host of celebs have taken it upon themselves to motivate people into getting healthier

Glow of the salt lamps

Keeping one of these in your home can improve air quality and make you sleep better

Early to bed, early to rise

Morning women more likely to become pregnant than night owls.

Bite into a healthy lifestyle

Snacking, if done right, can be a perfect way of incorporating important, often missed out, nutrients to our daily diet

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