Monday, October 25, 2021
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Health Tips

Healofy App for married women now in Telugu

Hyderabad : Healofy App, the mobile app made exclusively for married women, is now available in Telugu. More than 30 lakh married women across India...

Disposable lens much safer

Lack of hygiene among contact lens wearers may cause infection.

Time to super charge your immune system

Intake of certain foods can do wonders to your health.

Eat healthy even when you are broke

Budgeting and eating nutritious food may seem like distant relatives, but they are not.

Extensive, accessible & extremely witty

Author James Hamblin provides a unique look about our bodies in 'If Our Bodies Could Talk'

For keeping up oral health

Avoid some habits and follow a few rules for better dental hygiene

Treat gastritis in a gentle way

Poor lifestyle is main reason for issues related to the inflammation of the stomach wall lining

Tips to get back to your fitness routine

Follow these simple tips to get back to your fitness routine without any trouble

How to start your day on a good note

Here a list of things that you can start your day with.

Push yourself to drink more water and stay healthy

We often forget to drink the adequate amount of water which our body requires. Be it you have a busy schedule or you are...

Not therapeutic, after all

Keep dietary supplements, energy drinks at bay as they're hazardous especially for children

Time to get over your sweet tooth

A lot of health problems can crop due to consumption of sugar

Health apps make a mark

Physicians are leveraging technology-based innovations like electronic medical records, real-time imaging and mobile vitals monitoring to improve healthcare.

Start taking precautions at individual level

Hyderabad: The long season of monsoons has arrived in Hyderabad and elsewhere in Telangana and so is the threat of seasonal ailments, especially viral...

Women with chronic kidney disease face unique challenges

Hyderabad: Patients with chronic kidney ailments suffer a lot both physiologically and mentally. But, for women, the trauma of having to deal with chronic...

Munch on, stay fit

Dry fruits retain the same nutritional value of fresh fruits.

Genes and future of cancer therapy

Hyderabad: What happens to cancer patients when medicines stop working because their bodies have developed resistance, making the expensive cancer therapy ineffective? Should they give...

Why do people snore?

Hyderabad: A recent patient survey carried out by doctors at Continental Hospitals among 1,000 IT professionals (aged between 25 and 45 years) in Hyderabad...

Keep your kids safe this summer

Hyderabad: Children are most susceptible to a host of ailments during summer, especially in the city where extreme dry heat and high temperatures are common....

Switch it up with an alternative lifestyle

While some may perceive veganism as weak and unhealthy, those who follow it make a strong case for it.

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