Thursday, September 23, 2021
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hair care

Beauty tips for moms-to-be

Enjoy the anticipation and the event of motherhood by following these tips

Skin care during the times of Corona

It is probably the best time to develop a routine and develop a skin care regimen in the most intricate and personalised manner.

Prep yourself for Day 22

Staying at home during lockdown leaves you with a lot of extra time. While you might be testing your culinary skills or binge-watching a...

Ways to use garlic for long, lustrous locks

Take care of your hair with remedies made of garlic at home

Don’t let pre-Holi splashes ruin your hair

Here are some tips to let you enjoy the festival of colours without fearing damage

Tips to keep your coloured hair shining

Hear it from experts at Nashi Argan who underline few points which must be kept in mind if you have got your hair coloured recently.

Say goodbye to dull skin with this ancient mantra

This magic ingredient is a traditional beauty mantra that's been passed down through the generations

Wonder oil for your skin and mane

From dandruff removal to glowing skin, Olive oil can change your life in many ways

Protect your hair and skin from monsoon

Tips to keep tresses shiny and skin glowing as rainy days are here

Stop the fur frenzy

Here are some tips on dos and don'ts that you should know to manage the hairy madness. Let's get started.

Common hair care mistakes to avoid

Looking after this important feature can go wrong in many ways

Seaweed, the tasty algae

This plant is much more than being part of sushi and actually serves multiple purposes

Coconut oil is everything: Cheryl Tweedy

"My beauty routine has become so pared back since becoming a mother, you just don't have time for it. Your time becomes so reduced that you definitely have to start getting rid of beauty hacks, they just become non-existent.

Splash of vibrant hues

One such trend is the Holographic trend, which has found its way not only into clothes but also accessories, makeup and even hair care.

Good habits for healthy hair

Following a few key rules during teenage will protect your mane in the long run

Transform into regal ‘Padmavati’ this festive season

The festive season gives you the perfect excuse to transform into the regal diva you have always wanted to be! Why not take inspiration...

Here is how you can get rid of frizzy hair

Moisture in the air, humidity, rain or even perspiration, can cause your tresses to become fuller and wilder.

Natural ways to prevent hair fall

Invest in chemical-free shampoos and use coconut oil regularly if you're suffering from hair loss

Because your hair needs extra care

Tips and tricks to keep it frizz-free while you are on a tour

Things to do before you hit the bed

Make these simple tips a part of your daily life to treat yourself with beauty and health

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