Thursday, September 23, 2021
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Explained: PCOS and its effects on skin and hair

The journey, the struggles and the treatment approach to each patient is different.

Fur, wool, hair: what’s the difference?

The length, thickness and density of these hair types contribute to the incredible diversity we see in mammals' furry pelts.

Anxiety can harshly impact your skin, hair

Stress causes hormonal imbalance which leads to acne, rashes, hair thinning and fall, and various other skin break-outs.

Kalki Koechlin gives herself a Makeover At-Home

Taking inspiration from actress Kalki Koechlin, it's time to let down those curls or flaunt a vibrant glossy shine. 'The Girl in Yellow Boots' star, chose to colour her in a rich hue of mahogany; all it too her was 20 minutes.

Create your digital avatar on Facebook in India

The Avatar creator enables people to customise how they want to represent themselves across many dimensions such as facial features, hair, and outfits.

Prep yourself for Day 22

Staying at home during lockdown leaves you with a lot of extra time. While you might be testing your culinary skills or binge-watching a...

Ways to use garlic for long, lustrous locks

Take care of your hair with remedies made of garlic at home

Don’t let pre-Holi splashes ruin your hair

Here are some tips to let you enjoy the festival of colours without fearing damage

How stress makes your hair go grey

Stress affects the whole body, researchers first had to narrow down which body system was responsible for connecting stress to hair colour.

Prevent pollution from creating hair damage

Monisha Bhatia, Head of Education, Kerastase talks about what it takes to keep your hair from damage.

Tips to keep your coloured hair shining

Hear it from experts at Nashi Argan who underline few points which must be kept in mind if you have got your hair coloured recently.

Nutrients for glowing skin, shiny locks

A healthy balanced diet supplies the body with essential supplements and promotes both good health and beauty

Quick hacks for wedding hairstyles

Looks Salon creative director Deepak Jalhan shares tips to plan your hair for your big day

These masks will make you go bananas

Banana, one of the most popular fruits, packs quite a punch in terms of health and beauty benefits. It is one of the richest...

Artist pays tribute to Telangana on Formation day

23-year-old Ramagiri Swarika from Hyderabad decided to celebrate Telangana Formation Day in her own way, by depicting symbols that were prominent during the Telangana movement.

Shampooing your hair the right way

There are a lot of myths as to how often a person can or should wash their hair

Flaunt your brooch, the funky way

Revamp your look with some out-of-the-box ideas to adorn the accessory

Creative ways to highlight your features

Try this bold, yet modest, version of make up with the bejewelled look

No makeup makeup it is!

As minimalistic is the trend now, let's take a look at how eyebrows can be styled

Luscious delights of ghee

The traditionally nourishing good fat rejuvenates the body from inside out

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