Thursday, September 23, 2021
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Stopping the water pandemic

Integrated water resource management and policy regulatory mechanisms with differential entitlements and pricing will help

Record rain in October pushes up groundwater levels in Telangana

The State Ground Water Department monitored water levels through 966 monitoring stations covering all mandals from 33 districts of Telangana State.

Groundwater level increases in Telangana

The Groundwater Department monitored these water levels during September with the help of 963 Piezometers (monitoring stations) covering 589 mandals from 33 districts.

Telangana: Data collection of groundwater to start in 2 months

Data analysis, dissemination to govt depts and public will begin thereafter

Groundwater table up in KLIS project area

Improvement in 2,419 sq km area in July 2020 as against 602 sq km in 2019

Process, Policy and People

Redefining the three Ps is must to critically assess our vulnerabilities and rectify our faults

Illegal extraction of groundwater a criminal offence: NGT

The tribunal observed that illegal extraction of groundwater is a criminal offence and directed the authorities to devise effective mechanism for preventing its withdrawal through unauthorised tubewells.

Over 1,000 experts call for global action on ‘depleting’ groundwater

Groundwater is the drinking water source for more than two billion people, and provides over 40 per cent of the water for irrigated agriculture worldwide.

PM Modi launches Atal Bhujal Yojana

He urged start-ups to come up with technology to ensure minimal use of water for various needs. 

Death by breathing

Delhi has virtually become a gas chamber and it's unfortunate that the issue, which requires bipartisan collaboration, is now caught in polarised politics

Groundwater in US brimming with antibiotic-resistant genes

"ARGs are not regulated in any way and are a challenging emerging contaminant of concern due to our reliance on biological treatment in the engineered water cycle."

‘Jal Jeevan Mission can’t be successful without community participation’

The minister said the government was not only committed to ensuring that every household has access to tap water under the mission but also to secure the underground water.

Scanty rainfall takes toll on Haritha Haram in Sangareddy

With dry spell continuing in Sangareddy, poor inflows into Manjeera may impact survival of saplings

Telangana groundwater table replenishing

Most of these mandals fall in Nagarkurnool, Wanaparhty, Asifabad and Jagitial districts. At the same time, water levels in 479 mandals registered a fall in the range of 0.01 m to 18.75 m.

Groundwater level improves in Telangana following wide-spread rains

An average rainfall of 46.14 cm recorded between June 1 to August 9

Tamil Nadu CM appeals to people to save rain water

"The credit for enacting a law to save rainwater goes to Amma."

KLIS will help recharge groundwater table

Telangana has upwards of 23 lakh agricultural borewells that use about a third of the total electricity used in the State.

Junctions, parks in Hyderabad to get injection borewells

Will help end waterlogging and replenish groundwater table

MPs in Rajya Sabha want discussion on inter-linking of rivers

BJP MP Satyanarayan Jatiya and AIADMK member A.K. Selvaraj suggested taking up the issue of linking small rivers with major rivers on priority to address the problem of persistent floods

A moment of glory

Kaleshwaram is a fine example of how innovation and out-of-the-box thinking hold key to the success of any project in an increasingly technology-driven world

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