Friday, October 22, 2021
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Granny's Kitchen

Frozen delight

As summer rolls around, it’s natural to go for some melt in the mouth ice cream. Rather than spending a bomb on frozen desserts...

Summer coolers

Beat the heat and dehydration by going for the energy boosting fruit and veggie drinks this season. They not only taste better than water,...

Betel nut recipe

During any auspicious occasion, it’s common practice to eat a paan (mixture of betel nut and leaf) after a meal. It is said this...

How to make Mysore pak

Resembling a sponge, not many know that the sweet was first prepared in the Mysore Palace kitchen during the regime of Krishna Raja Wadiyar...

Mango kesar pista kulfi

Aaj kulfi khaane ka mannhai, just a reason is needed to eat something that you like. Nanditha Shyam shares the easy making way of kulfi in no time at home. Try out!

How to make mutton biryani?

Sundays in our households were sacrosanct. Back in the day, the arrival of the weekend meant the entire family would gather in front of the telly to catch the latest episodes of Chandrakanta and Mahabharatha. But most importantly, it was the day mom would whip up finger licking mutton biryani which would be had with much gusto. Archana Kumar shares her family recipe.

Bell peppers in cashew peanut gravy

Not many know that all bell peppers originate from the same species of plant, and achieve their different colours naturally rathe than artificial means. Not only does each bell pepper have a different shade, but it also has a unique array of nutritional benefits. Nandita Shyam shares the naturally formed tricolour bell pepper recipe. We are sure, you will go for seconds!

How to make rasam powder?

Rather than medicines to treat cold or sore throat, try the age old restorative rasam. No readymade mixes can compare to the aroma or...

Tamil Nadu’s Adai

Weekend means a long, relaxed breakfast. Rather than an elaborate meal Nanditha Shyam suggests, this simple and easy Adai, which does not need fermentation...

Poha coconut laddu

If you are looking for a sweet treat that can be made in minutes, these laddus are just for you. These sweetened balls not...

Banana and coconut bread

Banana is one fruit that you are sure to find on most dining tables any given day. And there must have been countless number...

Proso millet steam cake

Calorie counting inevitably goes for a toss during year end, what with gorging on luscious Christmas goodies and New Year parties. Rather than skimping...

Soyi koora kootu

In the good ole’ days, it was the iron-rich combo of dill leaves and moong dal which was used to treat anaemia. Food blogger Nandita Shyam shares the recipe.

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