Tuesday, October 19, 2021
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Grammy award

Grammy Awards 2021: H.E.R. wins Song of the Year

According to People magazine, during the 2021 Grammy Awards Show, the 27-year-old singer accepted his first-ever Grammy for best Latin pop or Urban Album for 'YHLQMDLG', which was his third studio album.

BTS creates history with ‘Dynamite’ performance at Grammys 2021

According to E! News, BTS marked a major musical milestone by performing their hit song 'Dynamite' at the 2021 Grammys. The group wore different coloured suits as they moved through their pre-recorded performance.

Proud to see response to BAFTA breakthrough in India, says AR Rahman

"We are so pleased with the uptake and I am delighted to see BAFTA extend the deadline to February 8. I encourage talented individuals from across film, games and television to get involved and submit their application for what could be a life changing experience,"

Lizzo: Still trying to mend my relationship with food

"Your body is perfectly yours, even if it ain't perfect to anybody else. If you only knew the complexities your body possesses, you would be so proud of it," Lizzo said.

Kanye West tweets video of Grammy Award being urinated on

"Trust me... I WON'T STOP," West captioned the clip, while referring to his fight to get ownership of his music.

David Guetta on lockdown: Enjoying first summer holiday since I was 17

"I'm having the first summer holidays in my life with my children. It never happened to me," said Guetta, as he joined the special virtual Tomorrowland Around The World press event from his boat, where he was enjoying the break with his family.

Raja Kumari asked to leave culture behind

The rapper’s new single ‘N.R.I.’ captures the duality she faces from belonging to two different cultures

We’re all just another brick in the wall

The song was a three-part composition on Pink Floyd's 1979 rock opera The Wall, written by bassist Roger Waters

All hail the Raja Kumari!

From penning hits to collaborating with bigwigs, this multi-talented woman is leaving no stone unturned in reaching the pinnacle

Sean, J Balvin single out now

"Contra La Pared out now! Big up J Balvin," Sean tweeted Thursday.

Hugh Jackman makes it into Guinness

Actor says he was hoping the success of his The Greatest Showman soundtrack would land him in the record books

Song that resonated among many

Talking about Mi Gente which resonated among many, Balvin from Colombia told, "First-off, I will be forever grateful to Willy William, for creating a beat that I instantly connect with and I knew would captivate the world."

Jason Mraz feels lucky to have a music career

"I'm very lucky to have had a career in music, and my only job is to show up onto a stage and sing these songs. That is a huge blessing and it has made my life very sweet," said Mraz.

The Chainsmokers form production company

Grammy Award-winning musical duo Drew Taggart and Alex Pall of the Chainsmokers have formed a production company titled Kick the Habit Productions to develop...

It’s a final goodbye for ‘Mr Easy Lovin’, Freddie Hart

It’s a final goodbye for 'Mr Easy Lovin'

‘Hall of fame’ is my best English single: Sonu Nigam

Life is still opening new doors. I feel blessed to get the love that I have received globally for this single," Sonu said in a statement.

Soulful music, with love

Ganesh Krovvidi is all set to woo the music lovers with his new band Merakee

Bryan Adams wraps up biggest party in India

Adams, who was performing in India for the fifth time, wasted no time in getting the party started with his hit "Ultimate love".

Sean Paul-Goulding’s song to get Indian video

Universal Music India and choreographer Ruel Dausan Varindani have collaborated to launch a dance movement in India to handpick a winner who will feature in the song's official India dance video.

Bryan Adams to bring ‘The Ultimate Tour’ to India in October

"Namaste India. At the onset I'd like to wish each one of you a very happy Independence Day. India is one of my favourite places in the whole world," Adams said in a statement.

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