Thursday, October 21, 2021
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Gossip creates social connections, allowing learning about world indirectly

The game creates an inherent tension between selfish freeriding and cooperative behaviour and is considered what researchers refer to as a public goods game.

People tend to get intimidated by successful women: Swastika Mukherjee

"I do not feel ashamed of my choices in life and the success I have achieved, because I did not get anything overnight. I have been working since the year 2000."

Rose McGowan snubbed by family over WhatsApp

Actor Rose McGowan's "rude" family have snubbed her from a WhatsApp group chat but she admitted she isn't "really a phone person".

Rumours afloat over Sye Ra shooting

A source reveals that the news of Bidar Fort set being erected at Ram Charan's farm is not true

Few steps to maintain healthy work relations

Keep your bonding with colleagues a balanced one to avoid conflicts in life

Hansal Mehta rubbishes all the speculations around ‘Simran’

Mehta dismissed the reports that Kangana had taken over editing of the trailer after being unhappy over the first cut.

Convenience or nuisance?

Are you part of a world of never-ending notifications and numerous unread messages?

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