Thursday, September 23, 2021
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Google Maps

Dark theme arrives for Google Maps on Android

While Google has been testing the dark mode for Google Maps since September last year, the global rollout for Android users has begun now.

Google allows users to draw, rename missing roads on Maps

Google has made it possible via updating its map editing experience in more than 80 countries, to allow Maps users to add missing roads and realign, rename or delete incorrect ones.

Google Maps gets full-fledged dark mode on Android

"These days, we are all experiencing a bit of screen fatigue. With the dark themes in Google Maps soon expanding to all Android users globally, you can give your eyes a much-needed break and save on battery life," the company said

Google purges 55 million policy violating reviews from Maps in 2020

"We took down more than 960,000 reviews and more than 300,000 Business Profiles that were reported to us by Google Maps users," Google said in a statement on Thursday.

Google Maps show ‘Dry January’ no more the case for drinkers

"This year, those searches only dropped by 11 per cent and 6 per cent, respectively, hinting that people may be less committed to abstaining," said Joseph Abou Nakoul, trends analyst at Google Maps.

Google Maps improves discoverability in Indian languages

This new feature will enable millions to issue queries in their own language and find information on Maps such as restaurants, petrol pumps, hospitals, grocery stores, banks, bus stops, train stations

Create mobile app in 5 minutes with geolocation, Maps: Google

AppSheet's no-code app building platform allows you to quickly build apps to collect, or connect to data

Google Maps now lets anyone upload Street View photos with just a phone

With the new connected photos tool in the app, users can record a series of connected images as they move down a street or path.

Google Maps announces new updates for its Live View feature

With new ways to use Live View, we're making it even easier to orient yourself in the world whether you're walking around, leaving a public transit station or meeting up with friends," Mirko Ranieri, Product Manager, Google Maps

Google adds COVID layer in Maps for safe travel in 220 nations

More than one billion people turn to Google Maps for essential information about how to get from place to place especially during the pandemic when safety concerns are top of mind.

Google Maps returns to Apple Watch after 3 years

The app's primary screen shows the "Current trip," while there's a list of "Travel times" below which includes Home, Work, and any other saved shortcuts/destinations.

Google Maps using DeepMind AI to predict your arrival time

Google has partnered with DeepMind, an Alphabet AI research lab, to improve the accuracy of its traffic prediction capabilities.

Google to show more hotels with full refund policies in Search

Many hotels and vacation rentals are now offering free cancellation to give travellers more confidence when planning trips.

Google Maps arrives on CarPlay Dashboard, Apple Watch

"For all other destinations, you can start navigating from your phone and pick up where you left off on your watch".

Google helps people identify Black-owned businesses

The move, which comes amid a surge in online searches for Black-owned businesses, is part of the company's commitment to support underrepresented entrepreneurs.

Facebook takes on Google Maps, acquires Swedish startup Mapillary

Facebook is building tools and technology to improve maps through a combination of machine learning, satellite imagery and partnerships with mapping communities.

Driving, transit alerts arrive on Google Maps to ease your travel

Google Maps on Android and iOS will now show relevant alerts from local transit agencies to help travellers prepare accordingly

Android users can share location using Plus Codes in Google Maps

Users will be able to tap on the blue dot representing their current location and get a Plus Code for it.

Google Maps introduces wheelchair accessible places feature

When ‘Accessible Places' is switched on, a wheelchair icon would indicate an accessible entrance, and people would be able to see if a place has accessible seating, restrooms or parking.

1 in 4 popular YouTube COVID-19 videos in English mislead viewers

Nearly 50 of the videos contained only factual information.

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