Sunday, October 17, 2021
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CoL Canada offers scholarship

Hyderabad: Commonwealth of Learning (CoL), Canada, is offering scholarships to unemployed and final year students of graduate/ PG to do specialised employment oriented training...

Alphabet posts record $55.3B sales in Q1 as users stayed online

The astounding growth reflects elevated consumer activity online and broad-based increases in advertiser spending within Google Services.

Google announces Rs 135 cr grant for Covid-hit India

The first is to GiveIndia to provide cash assistance to families hit hardest by the crisis to help with their everyday expenses. The second will go to UNICEF to help get urgent medical supplies

YouTube adds video resolution controls, options on mobile app

A recent server-side update to the YouTube mobile app has now added further options beyond the incremental options and auto resolutions.

Google introducing new UI, auto zoom and more in Meet app

Beginning next month, desktop and laptop users will see a new, richer user interface with an array of easy-to-access features that make meetings more productive and inclusive.

Google adding new Earth Day wallpapers for Pixel phones

The style anthropomorphizes fish, land creatures and even trees, showing them having a fun celebration, reports 9To5Google.

Google working on ‘Trash Bin’ feature for deleting files on Android 12

Last year, Google rolled out Android 11 which enforced major changes to the way that apps can access a device's storage, the report said.

Google Earth’s timelapse shows decades of climate change

To explore Timelapse in Google Earth, users can go to or open Google Earth and click on the ship's wheel to find Timelapse in storytelling platform, Voyager.

Google Assistant can now help find lost iPhone

Android users have long been able to use the Google Assistant to trigger a sound for their smartphone if it got lost.

Google hiring people to launch health record tool for patients

"The tech giant has launched an early user feedback programme aimed at exploring how patients might want to see, organise, and share their own medical record data," the report mentioned.

Here’s some social media etiquette one must follow

Every behavioural aspect of individual is being monitored documented and harvested for probable commercial use

Google Lens comes to the desktop web: Report

Opening an image with words reveals a "Copy text from image" suggestion chip that features the (old) Lens logo and dismiss button. It appears to the left of Share, Edit, Info and other controls for Google Photos, reports 9To5Google.

Google to shut down mobile ‘Shopping’ app in June

The mobile shopping app will, however, be available on the desktop (web) version. It means that website will remain active.

Google updates YouTube ad targeting terms to remove hate speech

According to The Verge, the move follows a report by The Markup, which found that advertisers could search for terms like "white lives matter" and "white power" when deciding where to place ads on YouTube.

DuckDuckGo asks people to block Google’s new tracking method

Google has announced FLoC (Federated Learning of Cohorts) technology to provide a more privacy-focused way to track users and serve ads to them.

Google accidentally leaks green ‘Pixel Buds A’

The email, which highlights new features coming to Google devices, contains links to the Google Store at the bottom with the Pixel Buds A listed over "Accessories".

Google launches new app review process to curb policy violations

App reviews will be rolled out gradually this year with two features: app readiness and app claiming.

Google Wifi app getting rolled into Google Home app: Report

The switchover to the Google Home app will come in two phases first, Google will disable most of the functionality of the Google Wifi app on May 25, The Verge reported on Friday.

Google to block apps from accessing entire app list on phones

In an update, Google has said that app developers will have to provide a solid reason for why the tech giant should let them access other apps on users' smartphones, reports arstechnica.

John Krafcik quits as CEO of Google’s self-driving car project

After five and a half exhilarating years leading this team, I've decided to depart from my CEO role with Waymo and kick-off new adventures.

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