Friday, October 22, 2021
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Now Hyderabadis can get cool cocktail kits at doorstep

With bars and nightclubs shutting shop earlier than usual, tipplers are now turning to non-alcoholic mixes that are delivered right at their doorstep

Know food to order with your gin

The Juniper-based spirit, if not paired with the right food, can lead to a mismatch

Iced Tea cocktail for a powerhouse weekend

Try this drink which has the same hue as its namesake and blends perfectly for a balanced taste

Different alcoholic drinks affect emotions

Around 59 per cent of the respondents associated spirits -- like vodka, gin, whiskey and other hard alcohols -- with feelings of energy and confidence.

Liquor shortage kills tipplers’ spirits across Telangana

The sudden vanishing of liquor brands is being attributed to the transition pangs, from the previous Excise policy to the new one.

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