Saturday, October 23, 2021
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Chicken soup for the soul

Try this delicious dish that will warm your body with rich flavours

Hatsun Agro Product Ltd. reaches retail milestone with 3000th outlet

Known for their range of high quality milk products trusted by millions, HAP Daily is the retail concept of Hatsun Agro Product Ltd. that offers milk, milk products and icecreams at the convenience of the customers.

A diet that doesn’t compromise on taste buds

Puja Goenka’s keto diet subscription service is a match made between right number of calories and taste

MSMEs slash jobs as orders fall

Say dues mounting as customers are delaying payment, inventory piling up as there is no movement of finished goods

Hyderabad: Cops raid house to seize adulterated ghee, find huge cache of liquor

The huge cache of liquor included several bottles of beer and whiskey bottles of different brands. The police suspect that the man had stocked it in the house fearing the authorities might close the recently opened liquor outlets again.

Karimnagar Police give away groceries to priests

Karimnagar: Commissioner of Police VB Kamalasan Reddy on Thursday said all sections of the people are now aware of the measures to be taken...

Talambralu preparations kick off at Bhadradri temple for Sri Rama Navami

Women celebrated the occasion with great devotion as priests performed special prayers such as Kalasa Puja at the Chitrakuta mandapam before starting to prepare the talambralu.

Whose samosa is it?

Popular foods like samosa, idli, kebabs among others have some interesting origins

Luscious delights of ghee

The traditionally nourishing good fat rejuvenates the body from inside out

Wholesome affair of the atta

These recipes show you how to use the healthy ingredient beyond rotis

Reap the benefits of nutrition-rich walnuts

Dry fruits are not just energy boosters but also add taste and some essential elements like good fats and vitamins. Walnuts, for instance, are...

Being a vegan in Hyderabad

Veganism is a lifestyle that involves abstaining from all animal products, including meat and dairy products. It is an extreme form of vegetarianism where the diet solely involves plant products and November 1 is observed as World Vegan Day.

Sweet and traditional delights for this festive season

Ariselu and Badam Ki Phirni are an absolute favourite in many Hyderabadi households

Hyderabad-based Padmini Dairy draws up expansion plans

Currently, it is processing about 10,000 litre per day and it will touch 50% capacity in a few months and later to 75,000 litre per day this year.

Buy organic dairy products, as unadulterated as possible

Try these offline and online places to buy organic dairy products

Health benefits of ghee

Here are the benefits of ghee that we have forgotten over the years

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