Friday, October 22, 2021
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George Floyd

Derek Chauvin found guilty on all three charges of killing George Floyd

President Joe Biden said it was a murder in the full light of day and it ripped the blinders off for the whole world to see the systemic racism in the country.

South African cricketers raise fists in anti-racism gesture

The team issued a statement that said the players had on multiple occasions declared their support for the campaign against racial injustice and "wanted to own our journey

Graffiti explodes across pandemic-era New York

Since March, it is the raw, illegal type of graffiti that has spread in a disorderly fashion

Time to heal

Biden’s victory marks the triumph of the forces of decency and empathy over bigotry and hatred

Black US woman shot by police to file complaint

Police have said that another officer first tried to investigate what appeared to be a suspicious car, but the couple fled.

US police shooting unarmed Black people ‘3 times higher than for whites’

The findings come as the US has seen waves of protest since the killing of George Floyd in May, which became a symbol of what many say is systemic racism and abuse of African Americans by police.

Protesters ready in case Trump refuses to accept election result

The group brings together more than 100 organizations, in particular ones campaigning for the environment and women's and LGBTQ rights, but also at least one group of anti-Trump Republicans.

Tear gas, fire bombs as police declare Portland protest a ‘riot’

Officers arrested dozens of protesters in an ensuing game of cat-and-mouse through a residential district of east Portland.

Naomi Osaka on a different mission on court

Last week Osaka threatened to withdraw from her semi-final at the Western & Southern Open following the shooting of Jacob Blake by police in Wisconsin.

Face‘book’ of hatred

Accused across nations of breaching privacy to inciting rape and terrorism through hate speech, for Facebook it’s still profit over social responsibility

Trump blames COVID-19 spike on Black Lives Matter protests

Addressing the media on Wednesday, Trump suggested that young people demonstrating against police brutality and racism are the cause for the increase in cases, which have been seen in about 30 states across the country over the recent weeks

Tiger Woods lauds ‘BLM’ movement ahead of Ohio comeback

Woods feels society grows when people ask for change and that is what is happening throughout the world right now.

Fear and Freedom in America

Lingering wounds of black Americans imply that while legal slavery has ended, the country hasn’t escaped its plantation history

Racing beyond Racism 

Symbols and signs of the unequal past come under attack as racism raises its ugly head again

Officer told George Floyd to stop yelling: Court documents

The documents were made public on Thursday as the lawyers of Thomas Lane, one of the four accused police officers, asked for the case against him to be dismissed, reports the BBC.

Southampton Test: Holding delivers strong message against racism

Holding, who will retire from commentary at the end of next year, talked about racism as cricket waited to restart amid the COVID-19 pandemic here with the first England-West Indies Test

Fertile grounds for pandemics

Though there is no cure, authoritarian regimes continue to abhor the next best solution -- consensus, cooperation and discipline

Twitter drops ‘master’, ‘slave’ from its algorithms

As per the recommendations from the team, the term "whitelist" could be replaced by "allowlist" and "blacklist" by "denylist".

Windies coach Simmons says he was abused racially

Simmons, currently the head coach of the touring West Indies team here, did not specify in which English league he was racially targeted.

Owner of Eskimo Pie to change its ‘derogatory’ name

Eskimo Pie joins a growing list of brands that are rethinking their marketing in the wake of the Black Lives Matter protests

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