Wednesday, September 22, 2021
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Faculty crunch hits OU hard

Of the 1,267 sanctioned positions across departments, with teachers superannuating over the years, 845 posts lie vacant

Osmania University announces PG exams result

The courses included mathematics, chemistry, nutrition and dietetics, botany, bio-chemistry, bio-technology, genetics, applied mathematics, library sciences, mathematics with computer science, astronomy and computer science.

Genetics linked to childhood emotional, psychiatric problems

The study found a link with a higher genetic vulnerability for insomnia, neuroticism and body mass index(BMI)

More bird mysteries unravelled in 2019

With Avian species shrinking in size, and North American continent losing a quarter of its birds were among the biggest discoveries

Hyderabad: Genetic tests for healthy babies

Doctors says these tests can accurately, if not with pin-point precision, predict probability of parents passing hereditary defects

Tropical Animal Genetics to raise $20-25 mn

Plans embryo and pharmaceutical products manufacturing units in Telangana

Osmania varsity Genetics scientists collaborate with ICRISAT, work published in ‘Nature Genetics’

Prof. P. B. Kavi Kishore from Department of Genetics, OU and PhD student Dr. Vanika Garg collaborated with noted plant genetic researcher from ICRISAT

Poor sleep linked to genetics: Study 

Researchers from the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) and the University of Exeter identified as many as 47 links between our genetic code and the quality and quantity of sleep.

You are what you eat

The food you eat determines your natural odour

Genetics, the game changer

Similar yet different in their own way, that is the beauty behind human evolution

A thing or two about the ‘six-pack’

Washboard abdominals can be achieved by following a good routine for upper, lower abs and obliques

Indian researchers find insulin clue to Huntington’s

Huntington’s presently has no treatment or cure. The afflicted individuals lose their ability to walk, talk, think, and reason.

All about Visas

In the past one year, many student visa applications have been rejected. Let’s analyse what could be the probable reasons which make it difficult for students to get visas.

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