Wednesday, July 28, 2021
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Food Lovers

Telangana Food Festival from Sept 27 in Hyderabad

This year, the event will be held in a 30,000-square feet centrally air-conditioned space, especially constructed with German technology.

Traditional Indian flavours at Deori

Hyatt’s seven-month-old restaurant lets food lovers explore the traditional CUISINES of the country

Nanking, a favourite place for Chinese food lovers

With a scrumptious menu and assuasive ambience, Nanking has evolved into one of the most preferred restaurants 

Hyderabad offers tasty flavours round the clock 

Satisfy your food cravings at any time of the day at Link café in Sheraton Hyderabad

New flavourful restaurant in town

Here’s your chance to taste the new filmy breakfast

Are you flea-ing this weekend?

Flea markets are the in-thing now, especially to unwind after a hectic week

Eat, drink and socialise

With some unique pan-Asian flavours, Zega is set to entertain food lovers

Relish your love for oriental cuisine

Restaurants in city that need a place on your check list

Machha Besara Recipe

Try the Machha Besara, a staple of Oriya households this weekend. Perfect for a Sunday lunch or a special occasion, it is sure to...

Food lovers drool over desi food

Stop by at this roadside dhaba to try out Telangana delicacies.

Pleasure of eating makes people choose smaller portions: Study

"In fact, focusing on the pleasure of eating, rather than value for money, health, or hunger, makes people happier to pay more for less food," said Pierre Chandon.

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