Tuesday, September 28, 2021
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Researchers use ‘fingerprints’ tech to spot Russian hackers

The team from cyber security firm Check Point, when analysing a complicated attack against one of their customers, noticed a very small 64-bit executable that was executed by the malware.

Andhra fastest in developing ‘chance fingerprints’ from crime scenes

"The force stood first in the country when it comes to developing achance fingerprints' from the scenes of crime as well as identifying 'chance print cases' for the year 2019-2020," said an official.

Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G: Love at first sight

On the device, Microsoft's Your Phone app with Link to Windows integration will now enable the users to easily access mobile apps directly from Windows 10 PC without disrupting the flow.

Security flaw detected in Intel processors, attacker could acquire info

"Our findings show, however, that the measures taken by Intel make SGX enclave software up to 2 to even 19 times slower."

This tool could unlock your smartphone with earbuds

Besides reducing the need for passcodes, fingerprints, facial recognition and other biometrics, the tool called EarEcho would be ideal for situations where users are required to verify their identity such as making mobile payments.

Soon, no passwords for Microsoft Windows 10

The software giant believes that a PIN code is far more secure than a password, even if it seems more simple to use a four-digit code with far less risks of it being leaked online.

Phone lock can reveal age

Study collected user data over 2 months, finds older people prefer auto lock feature

Students, faculty of JNTU-Hyderabad build e-bike

The vehicle is completely driven by a BLDC Motor and fitted with re-chargeable Lithium-Ion batteries.

Rice supply to Aanganwadi centres through ration shops

Fingerprints and Aadhaar authentication of all 72,000 Aanganwadi centre workers, helpers and supervisors have been linked to e-POS machines with coordination of National Informatics Centre (NIC).

Gang cloning fingerprints for biometric attendance fraud busted in Hyderabad

The gang was involved in illegal preparation and selling of cloned fingerprints of faculty members of various educational institutions.

Hyderabad-based Ensurity Technologies partners with Fingerprints

Hyderabad: City-based Ensurity Technologies has announced partnership with Sweden’s Fingerprints and Card to bring advanced solutions to the Indian and global cybersecurity market. The...

WhatsApp image helps cops catch drug dealer

The photograph showed part of the dealer's hand and there was potentially a fingerprint.

Truth labs in Hyderabad crosses 10k cases in 10 years

30 per cent of the cases were referred by courts, including High Courts

Finger vibrations to replace fingerprints in new security system

However, the current VibWrite system needs improvements because users may need a few attempts to pass the system.

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