Friday, October 22, 2021
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fake news

Facebook may slip local politician’s posts into your News Feed

"We are testing a new civic engagement feature that shows people on Facebook the top posts from their elected officials," a Facebook spokesperson said.

Most users can’t detect fake news on social media

As the spread of fake news on social media gains momentum, researchers now reveal that people can detect a fake image of a real-world...

Fake news issue: 60% users can’t detect fake news on social media

To reach this conclusion, the researchers set up an online test that used a bank of 40 images created from 10 original images sourced from Google Images.

Congress denies ‘fake news’ of Rahul Gandhi meeting Chinese envoy

Congress spokesperson Randeep Singh Surjewala in a series of tweets said some news channels were running "fake news" on Gandhi's alleged meeting with Chinese Ambassador Luo Zhaohui.

Facebook to cut down spam and fake news from News Feed

Facebook has been working to improve people's experience in News Feed by showing more stories that it thinks they will find informative and entertaining.

Trump slams media for misleading people

Donald Trump, who skipped the annual White House Correspondents' Dinner, told supporters that he was keeping "one promise after another", dismissing criticism as "fake news" by "out of touch" journalists

Google targets ‘fake news,’ offensive search suggestions

Google also has reprogrammed a popular feature to omit derogatory suggestions from its automated recommendations of search requests.

Facebook looking at behavior to weed out fake accounts

The security improvement was described as being part of a broader effort to rid the leading social network of hoaxes, misinformation, and fake news by making sure people are who they claim to be.

Google adds ‘fact check’ to global search results

The new tags, to be used in all languages for users worldwide, will use third-party fact-checkers to indicate whether news items are true, false or somewhere in-between.

New Facebook tool curbs sharing fake news

Facebook was accused of helping US President Donald Trump win the elections by allowing misinformation and fake stories on its platform.

Facebook launches ‘disputed’ tag to crack down on fake news

The new feature uses non-partisan third-party organisations like Snopes and Politifact to assess the factual accuracy of stories reported as fake by users.

Fake news is enemy of the people: Trump

Trump claimed that "the fake news media doesn't tell the truth", adding that reporters should not be allowed to use anonymous sources.

Trump slams Russia claims, bashes media at news conference

"I own nothing in Russia, I have no loans in Russia, I don't have any deals in Russia," Trump said. "Russia is fake news".

Zuckerberg expresses concerns on anti-globalisation trend

The Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg said that fake news, polarised views and "filter bubbles" were damaging "common understanding".

Tim Cook calls for crackdown on fake news

"The outcome of that is that truthful, reliable, non-sensational, deep news outlets will win," Cook was quoted as saying.

Facebook tweaks ‘trending’ feature to root out fake news

The social media giant says it will now look at the number of publishers posting about the same topic "not just the number of people sharing.

Snapchat updates guidelines to tackle fake news

Clickbait describes web content that aims to exploit the curiosity gap, providing just enough information to make the reader curious, but not enough to satisfy their curiosity without clicking through to the linked content.

Turning point as social media tackles online ‘terror’

The move comes as social media giants face increasing scrutiny over their role in the explosion of so-called "fake news" - which is believed to have influenced the US election - as well as online bullying and hate speech.

Facebook uses ‘survey’ to curb fake news

"The company uses surveys somewhat like this to test the general quality of the news feed, and it has used other metrics to attempt to define rules for finding clickbait and fake stories. This appears to be the first direct coupling of those two practices: old parts doing a new job,"

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